Saturday 11 July 2015

Product Review - @SonyXperiaZA SmartWatch 3 - SWR50

Hi Guys,

Sony SmartWatch is now in it's third edition and there has been significant improvements with time in this  day to day smart watch. A lot of focus by all the manufacturers is on the fit bands, activity trackers and smart watches. Every one of them seems to capture a lot of details about your lifestyle and tracks you all the time. It's like some powerful genie of sensors making a note of all your stuff and then presents it to you via several apps on your smartphones. 

Sony SmartWatch 3 is definitely a great device which comes feature packed from the house of Sony. I really wanted to use the same since the first avatar was launched as I have always been on the Android ecosystem since 2010. All these devices are powered using the Google's Android Wear platform which gives them access to Google Now and various other apps from the Google Play store. A lot of new apps are launching everyday as this market continues to flourish and analog watches will soon be a history unless you are wearing something worth thousands of dollars on your wrist or have some emotional attachment with the watch given by dad or mom or anyone who loves you. 
I got this review device for some days and instantly got connected with the same via my android smartphone. The battery life of this watch is 2 days in normal use if you are not getting enough notifications and calls. The battery placed inside the watch is 420mA and gives you a complete day of notifications, vibrations alerts to calls, twitter feeds and many more functions if you using anything above 4.3 release of Android OS. 
Sony SmartWatch 3 is powered with Quad ARM A7 clocked at 1.2 GHz along with 512MB of RAM and 4GB eMMC ROM. This is sufficient to take care of all the stuff you can do with your smart watch. The watch got updated on my wifi network to the latest edition for Lollipop updates and I got access to a lot more features. The best thing about these watches is the display which is 1.6" transflective meaning it can be seen from all the angles and under direct sunlight too. The pixel density is 320x320 but can be improved in subsequent releases to have retina display. 
I loved the ever changing display of watch faces on this device and never I had to see the same again in many days. You can also buy watch faces from the Google Play Store. The notifications from whatsapp, twitter were easy to follow even while driving a car as you hand remains on the steering wheel and eyes on the road. The watch weights only 45 grams and can easily replace your existing analog or digital watch to bring you much more functionality. The packing contains the SmartWatch along with a micro-USB cable to charge the device.
Sony SmartWatch 3 is waterproof (IP68 rated) meaning it can easily sustain water and dust under certain conditions. The only port is at the back of the watch which is covered by silicon strip to charge the device via a micro-USB cable. It takes around 2-3 hours to fully charge the device. The wrist straps are available in many colors and variants but I received this device with the sports band in black color. The strap is adjustable to any wrist size within normal range. 

Sony SmartWatch 3 takes your voice commands via "OK Google" as well as touch and gesture input. There is a single button to wake up/on/off the watch on the right hand side of the watch. Dragging the notifications on one side of the watch removes them from the watch. The more you use the same with compatible apps the more statuses/notifications/reminders/weather you will get on the watch.

SmartWatch 3 has GPS to keep track of your daily runs/jogging via certain apps as you no longer need to carry your smartphone. Also the device's internal memory (4gb) can be filled with your favorite songs which can be accessed via bluetooth earphones/headphones and you are sorted for life for all your fitness activities and no longer need to worry about big screen smartphones display cracking in the gym or phone falling out from the pockets. 

In the end, this was my first smartwatch review as earlier I did fitness trackers only but I really loved the same and it made the access to notifications so easy that I never have to open my phone until the battery dies on this device. If you are looking for something that gives you all these features on your wrist, try this one from Sony. 


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