Sunday 7 December 2014

Movie Review - Leading Lady (2014)

Hi Guys, 

Leading Lady (2014) is a South African drama romantic comedy movie set in beautiful South Africa.The movie is directed by Henk Pretorius and stars Bok Van Blerk and Katie McGrath in the lead roles.
Katie McGrath is playing the role of teacher who comes to South Africa from London to prepare herself for the role of Afrikaans war heroine. Katie is known for her role of Morgana in "Merlin" TV series. She looked beautiful in this movie set in the beautiful South African landscape. 

Bok Van Blerk has acted as a farmer thinking about selling his lands as he is under a lot of debt. As he fights his dilemma there is a different preparation going on for the annual concert at his farm. As they induct people into the concert, some of the funny scenes are created. The movie is a light hearted romantic drama as both of them continues to discover the cultural differences between the individuals.  

Brumilda Van Rensburg has really created a marvel and brings a lot of laughter with her character. One dialogue I especially remember is that "In this part of South Africa, even Chicken is vegetarian" when serving food to Katie's character as she visits them and tells them she is vegetarian. Gil Bellows has acted very well in his role. Check out for his character as it brings a lot of drama & laughter to the whole story.

Overall, Leading Lady (2014) has something to keep you to your seats as story develops and cinematography is especially great. Check out the movie for it's local taste as it's not always we get to see movies featuring South Africa in detail. 

Movie got released in Ster Kinekor on 28th Nov 2014. Check out the movie now to support the local South African movies. More info on twitter and facebook.


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