Saturday 6 December 2014

Book Review - GOD IS A GAMER - Ravi Subramanian #blogadda

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Ravi Subramanian is no new name in the books which are thrilling and set against the backdrop of the financial services industry. He wrote his first novel "If God was a banker" in 2008 and there has been a many novels published for all his readers like "Devil in Pinstripes", "The Incredible Banker", "The Bankster", "Bankrupt" and latest addition to these is the new book GOD is a GAMER published by Penguin Books. 
 God is a Gamer is the mixture of reality and fiction. The way author has used Bitcoins and other concepts of Gaming industry and Facebook marketing is amazingly great. The logic to all these connections is like reading a non-fiction or a newspaper editorial or rather a business books. I really could not differentiate the story amongst all the facts and logic presented in this novel. Really loved getting all the knowledge about Bitcoins and it was amazingly great to read as I got some bitcoins from my brother a week before to learn more about them. I did my research of bitcoins that week so this novel really kept me glued to my seats till the time I read it completely. 

The story is about three friends who are big in the corporate world and how their lives are changed as someone tries to hack into their lives. One of the characters lost son comes into the picture and tries to win everything over. Whatever bad happened to their companies, he tries to overcome using his knowledge and experience in the gaming industry. A call center as well as a gaming company's day to day business is affected when someone loots the bank's accounts in US at the same time. Further investigation reveals a lot of unanswered questions and a lot of characters from US Senate, Police and FBI.

God is a gamer is a roller coaster ride through the reality of bitcoins, various surprises and twists at every turn, numerous characters, suspicion, mystery, love, hate and greed. The book will keep you entertained for long and you will want to keep reading it till the end of the same. 

I was able to find out as to who is the main culprit due to my Sherlock Holmes thinking pattern and good mind but I really didn't liked the end of the novel. It was closed randomly and could have been better. Last few chapters were boring as compared to the initial rush of adrenalin that you get. But I think it happens will all the fiction novels as they unravel the mystery and try to solve it for the readers to understand. 

But overall God is a Gamer is a nice read and will keep you on your edges. Is Revenge a Crime? is the answer that you will get if you read the whole book. I really admire the writing of Ravi Subramanian and will go through all his other novels in this new year. The world of Kindle has really made it easy to read any book on your smartphone or tablet or actual kindle devices as soon as it's launched. 

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