Sunday 23 November 2014

@FrysFamily Vegetarian Event @ Capsicum Culinary Studio, Johannesburg

Hi Guys,

Recently, I was invited to experience something I always wanted to learn. It was an introduction session to cooking Fry's Family products by Chef Candice-Lee Clark. The evening included an interactive cooking session instructed by the Chef along with enjoying the scrumptious vegetarian meals, we prepared using Fry's range of products.
Here is the amazing Veg Chicken-Style Burgers served to all the invitees. They tasted amazingly good with a slice of pineapple over a bun and Fry's Meat Free Burgers.
The venue for this event was Capsicum Culinary Studio in Johannesburg which is also in 5 other locations namely Durban, Cape Town, Pretoria and others.Follow them on twitter, facebook & instagram.
The Chef Candice-Lee taking all of us through some of the best cooking sessions and lessons for life. We were all given the same amount of ingredients and instructions to cook and present our dishes.
Here is my first dish made using Fry's Cruspy Prawns cooked in Coconut curry, Chick peas along with some rice and wrap.
The second round was to make salad using all the veggies available along with Fry's Chicken Style Strips. I used avocado to make the DOME and won a party for me and my 9 friends fully sponsored by the Fry's at my own house. They also gifted us with amazing range of Fry's products to make them at home along with a Fry's recipe book.

I really loved the amazing session and learnt a lot to cook Fry's food in the fastest possible time. Follow them on instagram, twitter, facebook, Pinterest, and website.


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