Tuesday 27 May 2014

Indiblogger & Sunsilk - Naturally Recharged

Hi Guys!
Moving forward from the last years post when I was introduced to using shampoo and conditioner while having a bath by Sunsilk and it was a great learning curve since then. I have been on a roller coaster ride doing stuff I have never done in my life. As I am cooking for myself here in South Africa, I realised that several of the veggies I am cutting for the very first time in my 33 years of existence on planet Earth.
But yeah, I have always been lazy to use two packages i.e. Shampoo and then Conditioner. But with the change of habits, I really enjoy opening the shampoo which gives a great wash and really like the Conditioner which gave less foam but the hairs after the wash was so soft and silky shining that I did really fall in love with my hairs. For the best of the silky feel, now I always apply conditioner and it’s was worth it guys!
Sunsilk was never my brand till last year as I was lost in the big names of Dove, Garnier, Pantene etc and their advt mainly caught my eyes and ears for quite some time. It was only during the promotions of Race 2 bollywood movie I saw the advertisements of Sunsilk. Also during that time they launched 4 types of shampoo’s in collaboration with hair experts from all over the world.
Indiblogger has been a favourite of the Sunsilk brand to reach a lot of people through blog posts and word of mouth. This time we got another great product from the house of  Sunsilk in a great basket. The shampoo is named Sunsilk Natural Recharge and this time it is in collaboration with hair stylist and expert Jamal Hammadi. As per the pack it gives 5 times stronger hairs and with Ginseng plant root extracts brings out a great product.
This product is marketed for those who are very adventurous and loved their hairs also. The shampoo is really awesome and has a good fragrance. This shampoo has really made me forgot about the earlier version of Sunsilk Silky shampoo I was using. This is much better than the earlier versions and you will definitely like to retain your natural hairs and this shampoo will help us all to do so. So now when someone says that my hairs will be spoilt, if I go on off-roading or hiking, we know where to refer her to.
I would really like to thank Sunsilk and Indiblogger for giving me a chance to see the true value to having naturally recharged hair.