Saturday 17 May 2014

Product Review - HUAWEI E3121 HSPA USB Datacard

Hi Guys, 

Wifi or Internet connection is the basic necessity along with food these days. We all want to stay connected to the internet wherever we are and sometimes the data plans are much cheaper separately as compared to available on mobile bundled plans. In all these cases the USB datacard comes in handy and Huawei is a leader in providing computer accessories. Huawei datacards are not only reliable but works far more better & faster than the other open datacards available in the market. You can choose your own telecom operator as per the cheapest data plans available in the market.

I bought Huawei E3121 from Flipkart and found the device to be very useful with it's SOFT WI-FI feature to convert USB dongle into a wifi hotspot to be used for your iPad, mobile etc. Not only this feature worked perfectly fine but also gave you an extra feature which many datacards don't offer at all.

The datacards looks cool in it's white color body.
The device is easy to install and contains the installations files on it's inbuilt memory. 

The device also has the slot to insert SD card upto 32gb so as to store your files etc. and works as a pen drive too.

 I really liked this product very much and it provides value for money. It's available on Amazon and flipkart for around Rs. 1500. I am using this Huawei device with Afrihost mobile connection here in Johannesburg, South Africa. I would love to review the latest mobiles from the house of Huawei that has taken market by storm. Looking forward to the same...


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