Friday 27 December 2013

Product Review - Sennheiser HD 280 Pro - Over the ear Headphones

Hi Guys, 

Headphones being my first love and what best can when I can go in pursuit of perfect sound with Sennheiser headphones. May be my search will end once I have listened to Momentum by Sennheiser. But for the moment the topic of review is their HD 280 Pro which my brother was using since a year. I tested the same against my other headphones and found this one to be simply wiping all the competition in it's category.

The audio output of these headphones is really amazing in the price range they fit in. These are available in India at around Rs 6500 at flipkart and amazon. The sound quality is superb and you will fall in love all over again with all the music played on these headphones.

The headphones can be rotated for usage of DJ's if using a single earphone and the cable is telephone cable like wired for elongated operation. 

The padding over the ear is soft and really fits the ears completely. The weight of the headphones is on a bit heavy and will not be comfortable for long period of use. But you can use these ones as a noise cancellation earphones too during long flights and train journeys as these headphones are made for high-noise environment conditions. It will be a cheaper alternative considering the noise cancellations headphones prices.

HD 280 is a professional version of headphones which will give you value for money and makes your journey with these full of great music. I love Sennheiser and being using the ones I have and the list is adding continuously as I get more and more of these in my life. 

Looking forward to gain some Momentum in the Sennheiser style...


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Pictures taken using Panasonic FZ5 

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