Friday 3 January 2014

Social Apps impact on Indian General Elections 2014

I am a citizen of India and so are you. We all have some basic fundamental rights that comes with being a citizen of India. Among all of them, the most powerful being the RIGHT TO VOTE and choose your own leadership to represent and lead the country. We might have not used it's power before but seeing the power that it can provide to the citizens in Delhi when Arvind Kejriwal's AAP took power in the capital city. It was the power of the votes that really created the AAP to take up more number of seats in the state. 

India do need a single party in full power rather than a NDA or UPA alliances where everytime they pull legs of each other at whatever instance they can find. Votes by the Youth is the key to this clear one party government which can really make a difference to India.

Man is by nature a social animal and in the age of Information Technology, Internet has penetrated all across India. People are carrying all kinds of smartphones with power of Internet. This not only helps them being aware of their surroundings but also to keep in touch with all the family and friends.

We can definitely utilize the power of Social mobile apps to penetrate and change the behavior of youth to come forward and choose their leaders this year in General elections. 

What I can think of is to access all the leaders who are running elections in your constituency via going through their resumes and work done before. We can ask them questions using Twitter and hangout with them on Google+ to check out how they think? and what they want for the future of India? 

We can constantly keep in touch with all the family and friends and give them regular updates about all the leaders using Wechat, Whatsapp and many more such apps. It will definitely create a wave of awareness between all known and unknowns. 

The power of social mobile apps is that the message can be passed in a split second and you can access it on the go. It is more powerful medium as we can easily remember who is running for what promises and what is their election code, signs and manifesto. 

We can also background check the leaders and what other posts have they held in their lives? Are they able to lead or are just dependent on someone in central government to run them? We all can run discussion on social apps and argue about each and everyone before the final D Day. 

We can also check who is giving what for the procuring votes and then nail him down by reporting the authorities through their twitter handles. Due to our jobs and work, we are always kind of busy but with mobile apps we can be a part of discussion anytime of the day or night. We can then benchmark the same with the elections happened in USA or UK or any major democratic states.

I am starting discussions within my reach of friends and family as to what NAMO is doing and what Rahul ji is doing? What will be the Kejriwal's forces in the centre or what Anna ji will do next? 

Social media apps can really bring all the journalists, media and Aam aadmi together with the power of Internet enables Smartphones and Social mobile apps. I look forward to make a difference this new year using the power in my hands to choose a single leadership whom I think could run India corruption free and personal vendetta free. 

My future is in my hands and I will also make others aware using the mobile apps and I hope you do the same! #VoteForIndia


Note- Indiblogger & Wechat contest on How would you inspire and mobilize India's youth to vote in the Indian General Elections 2014 using social mobile apps?