Monday 23 December 2013

Product Review - Amazon Kindle 3G Keyboard

Hi Guys, 

I bought this amazing Kindle 3G Keyboard from USA via one of my friends there for US$139 way back in Nov 2011. At that time Kindle Fire was yet to be launched and I made this investment to read a lot of books easily. The Kindle device is really lightweight and helps you to carry it easily around in your backpack.

This one has 3G free for life and 4gb internal memory. It can play music using experimental setting that are built into it. The experimental tab has Web Browser, Play MP3 and Text-to-Speech.
 The audio through the speaker openings on both sides of the device is of good quality.

The keyboard feature helps in taking notes and mark the content of the various books. It also helps on experimental browsing. 
 The book content is displayed just like the actual book and the content seems to be easily readable in direct sunlight too.

The first book that I read on it was of Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson and really enjoyed the same very very much. It also has an built in book reader which is really helpful if you wants to rest your eyes or if you are driving.

I really love my Kindle 3G and it's really a great device for those who loves to read books on the go!


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