Friday 5 August 2022

New Year Resolutions - Week 29 Achievements & Failures #TheLifesWay

Hi Friends,

Week 29 went into checking the amount earned every day each morning on the YouTube studio app and the week didn't have the first week's highest amount of USD 1.76 in a single day. The maximum amount that I earned was USD1.42 and the lowest being USD 0.56 only. Other than that it was my 42nd birthday at the end of the week on Friday - 22 July. I wish to have a belief in myself that I can achieve that and can build some income stream from the YouTube channel using my readers/followers' help and support. 

Week 29 - Sat 16 Jul 2022 - Fri 22 Jul 2022

1. Daily Walking - This week I could only do 9 kilometres as daily going to the office and coming back from around 30 kilometres did take some time to travel and reduced the amount of free time available for walking as well the energy to do so also. I am sure I will pick the idea of completing the 20+ kilometres after a week of rest or so for sure. 

2. Books/Audiobooks - I became a member of the City of Johannesburg Library and got myself registered via an online link I found on the board in front of the Sandton Library. The link is here in case you also want to get registered. This way you will be able to access the audiobooks and ebooks available in the library for the loan term of 15 days. Apply online - I have found the ebooks and audiobooks collection to be enough for me to read in the next few years easily without buying anything myself. Thanks, Joburg Library. I kept on reading Lashkar by Mukul Deva as I delved more into the storyline and also came to know about its second part to take the story further. Meanwhile, The Millionaire Fastlane audiobook is still going on and is one of the best books to change your money mindset or at least to give it some powerful ideas after Morgan Housel's The Psychology of Money which is a must-keep and read too. 

3. YouTube Income - I earned around USD 12 in total so far in the last 10 days of being monetized. It's not a big amount but I am grateful for whatever it is. It's better than the free press releases I get from hundreds of brands without getting anything in return. At least here I know that my time and efforts are directly proportional to the income generation though the content topic drives that part. 
New Year Resolutions - Week 29 Achievements & Failures #TheLifesWay
4. 42nd Birthday -  I suggested to my wife not to buy any clothes or anything else and the same was followed. I already have a lot of clothes and shoes that I am unable to use also on a daily basis. Only now I am able to use them as I started going to the office. I only got the dad memorabilia from my son that he bought from the Cardies shop. We went to try the food at the Modern Tailors restaurant in Rosebank. The vegetarian menu is very limited there and the taste is not authentic Indian, it's more a South African restaurant with some Indian menu items. I am not so sure about the non-vegetarian items as the restaurant was quite full but I won't go there again for vegetarian dinner or lunch. The snacks are fine but not all are nice. 

5. Thank You - I started the counter again and took it to around 6000 by the end of this week. Other than that the week was only running to the office and coming back and nothing major happened other than the YouTube income started pouring in. Thank You to Lord Bajrang Bali Ji. 

Thanks, Universe for taking me to the 42nd birthday this week and now I am working towards the next few years and hope them to be more productive years. I hope that I will be able to work towards something I always wanted to do and can focus on the necessary steps in the coming days. 

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