Thursday 11 August 2022

How Different is Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 from Flip 3? @SamsungMobileSA #GalaxyZFlip4 #GalaxyZFlip3

Hi Friends,

I have been using the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 for the last year or so and this is my day-to-day main smartphone since that time. I have a love and hate kind of relationship with the device. I do love the fun and features it offers but not a big fan of the camera quality and the battery life on this cute little yet powerful device. Although this is so cute to flip the device that the hate goes away in one flip to see the technology marvel in my hands courtesy Universe who gifted me or granted me with one. Thanks, Samsung! 

Let's do a quick comparison on the new version which was launched yesterday in South Africa by Samsung and will take some time to arrive in your hands. I got to see the smartphone in person at the experience zone at the launch event. I too will try to see if I can get a review unit later in the year. Let's quickly divide the same into pointers for easy analysis - 

1. Battery - The Galaxy Z Flip 4 has 3700mAh which is 400mAh better than the Galaxy Z Flip3 which only has 3300mAh. The difference of 400mAh is enough to take you another 2-3 hours considering the Z Flip3 was lasting 6-8 hours and now with the new device, it can last for around 10-12 hours based on the usage. 

2. Selfie Camera - It's the same no changes done. 10MP F2.4/ Pixel Size 1.22um; FOV 80 degree. 

3. Rear Ultra Wide Camera - It's the same no changes done on the top camera and still is 12 MP F2.2/ Pixel Size 1.12um; FOV 123 degree. 
Let's Flip and Do The 15 Point Comparative Analysis @SamsungMobileSA #GalaxyZFlip4 and #GalaxyZFlip3
4. Rear Wide-angle Camera - Though the 12MP Dual Pixel AF/OIS configuration is similar to this one but the sensor has been improved to contain more pixels from 1.4um to 1.8um now in the Galaxy Z Flip4. I can assure you the low light and the overall camera quality is much more better in the new device due to this change as well as software upgrades and processing power. 

FlexCam was hugely featured in the launch event as they told about the various new ways to take your photography and videography game ahead using the new Galaxy Z Flip4. 

5. Aperture - The single aperture has been made into a dual aperture leading to better photograph and video capabilities in the new smartphone. 

6. Overall weight - The weight has only been marginally increased by 4 grams to 187 grams from 183 grams in Galaxy ZFlip3 considering there is a battery improvement of 400mAh this is awesome! 
Let's Flip and Do The 15 Point Comparative Analysis @SamsungMobileSA #GalaxyZFlip4 and #GalaxyZFlip3
7. Overall Size - The dimensions of the new device are slimmer than the old one. Folded is 71.9x84.9x17.1 mm (Hinge) - 15.9 mm (Sagging) and when the device is unfolded the dimensions are 71.9x165.2x6.9mm. 

Galaxy Z Flip3 has 72.2x 86.4 x 17.1 mm (Hinge) - 15.9 mm (Sagging). Unfolded 72.2 x 166.0 x 6.9mm 

When the new Galaxy Z Flip4, when flipped has the length is a little bit less by about 1.5mm which is great and there is a reduction in breadth by about 0.3mm making it slimmer and better. The overall length is also reduced when unfolded or open by about 0.8mm. The hinge's dimensions remain the same though the whole hinge mechanism has been changed to make it better and more durable. 

8. Cover Screen - It's the same with no changes but now has more features like Portrait photos can be taken on Galaxy Z Flip4 as portrait mode also comes when you slide to the camera options. Also, the messages, Whatsapp can be reverted back using the cover screen itself which was not there in Galaxy Z Flip3. 
Let's Flip and Do The 15 Point Comparative Analysis @SamsungMobileSA #GalaxyZFlip4 and #GalaxyZFlip3
9. Display Screen - It's the same with no changes but the software and apps have been enhanced to provide a lot of multi-apps and multi-tasking opportunities which was not that prevalent in the Galaxy Z Flip3. Samsung Galaxy Display is a wonderful marvel for your eyes and I have never seen a display like the ones on Galaxy top devices. 

10. Colours - The Galaxy Z Flip4 has 4 main colours but there is an option to choose between 5 Bespoke colours too. The main colours are Blue, Graphite, Bora Purple and Pink Gold. So the Cream and Green are taken away from the Galaxy Z Flip3 to make way for the Pink Gold and Blue colours in Galaxy Z Flip4. If you go the Bespoke route for this device, then the probabilities of colour combinations are much higher. There are going to be 2 stores - one in London and the other in New York where you can walk into the buy and customize your devices in the coming months. 

11. Internal Memory - A new third version to have 8GB of RAM and 512 GB of internal storage has been added to the 128GB and 256GB internal storage variants this time for Galaxy Z Flip4. Both the smartphones are 5G and accommodate nano-SIM. 
Let's Flip and Do The 15 Point Comparative Analysis @SamsungMobileSA #GalaxyZFlip4 and #GalaxyZFlip3
12. Wireless Power Share - It's available in both versions. It also has now fast wireless charging 2.0 and 

13. Water Resistance - IPX8 is the same in both versions. This time it was not showcased as the main feature of the smartphone as well. 

14. Processor - The new 4nm octa-core processor is driving the new Galaxy Z Flip4 smartphones whereas in Galaxy ZFlip3 it was a 5nm 64-bit Octa-core processor. The new Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 is much better than the Snapdragon 888 on Z Flip 3. 

15. Glass - The new version of corning gorilla glass victus+ is used in Galaxy Z Flip4 making it stronger than the old device. 
Let's Flip and Do The 15 Point Comparative Analysis @SamsungMobileSA #GalaxyZFlip4 and #GalaxyZFlip3
Overall, this is something you always wanted in a foldable device and if you have not bought the Flip phone yet, you can definitely try this one out. I am not going to upgrade to this one from Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 as I will compare Flip to the new Galaxy Fold 4 before I make up my mind as the Fold has been improved significantly in terms of camera configurations as compared to Fold3 in my initial analysis. Look forward to the same and give me a like on my YouTube channel! Cheers!!!

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