Sunday 10 April 2022

New Year Resolutions - Week 13 Achievements & Failures #TheLifesWay

Hi Friends,

This is the last week of the first quarter and only a day falls over to April 2022. I have had so many achievements in terms of living a healthy lifestyle and giving proper time and care to stuff I wanted to give but still, there are many failures that I was not able to control. There are multiple tasks that I could not complete since Jan-22 and those are really a burden on my heart and mind. Even after writing them down on my analogue and digital productivity systems I have failed miserably to do it. I have also found out that I am lacking some kind of strength by the end of the day to carry on working. I need to check on the multi-vitamin tablets and also follow some kind of diet that can provide me more energy to carry it late into the day. 

Week 13 - 26 Mar 2022 (Sat) to 01 Apr 2022 (Fri)

1. Daily Walking - In total these 13 weeks, I have walked around 278.50 kilometres which I recorded on Huawei Watch GT 2e and sometimes I forgot to even on the device so that actuals should be a little more. For week 13, I could only do 16 kilometres as I was down with Flu mostly. Overall it's 18.50 kilometres more than the intended 260 kilometres for 13 weeks. I am very happy that I could achieve this with consistency and fire in the belly to walk and achieve 20 kilometres every week. I want to continue doing it throughout the year to cross 1000 kilometres of walking and listening to audiobooks during the same. 

2. Thank You - The new counter got dropped off and stopped working this week and thankfully I had bought a second one as a backup so I switched to the new one. I completed around 30000 Thank You during this week and I am really happy that I could do it despite all the hurdles. The overall count for the whole 13 weeks I don't want to spend time checking and calculating today maybe someday when I have nothing else to do. 

3. Audiobooks - I didn't progress much on Chris Ross - Never Split the Difference as this is more like a textbook that you need to learn and apply. It's an exercise book that you need to think about and apply to your day to day negotiations skills. I also started reading I Love Money - Suresh Padmanabhan (2nd Edition) on my Kindle Keyboard. Overall so far in 13 months as per Goodreads 15 books out of the intended 25 I wanted to read in 2022. I am sure I can take this count to around 35 by the end of the year. 

4. Hanuman Chalisa - I completed 39x Years of Hanuman Chalisa this week and now I have less than 1000 x Chalisa path left to reach 42 Years of the target I had set in my mind. It has taken me more than many years to carry on with this exercise but consistently since 2020 I have been working on this goal. I am sure it will be great to achieve this one but for March 2022 I made a goal to do a daily average of 30 times which I did successfully despite some days I could not pray at all. 

5. Entertainment - I saw Sonic 2 movie in theatres with family at Sterkinekor in Rosebank. My wife and daughter went to see Morbius too at the same venue the very next day. I also watched the Oscar-nominated and winner movies CODA and King Richard after all the controversy that happened else I would not have spent so much time looking and analyzing the goonj of thappad. I also watched some episodes of Is It Cake? on Netflix which was awesome to watch. 
New Year Resolutions - Week 13 Achievements & Failures #TheLifesWay
6. Blog TheLifesWay - My blog completed 3.6 Million pageviews this week which is an achievement in itself as I have reduced the number of posts since last year and spending more time on myself as compared to earlier waiting for PR companies to send me stuff and invite me to their events. Despite covering all their press releases most of the time I was not invited and never given any kind of benefits whatsoever. Why waste my time supporting those PR agencies which are not helping me in any way? 

7. Launch Events - I attended the Oppo Launch event of the Reno 7 5G smartphone for the first time ever and I received a goodies bag too for the first time from Oppo. The first thing about the smartphone was the dual camera setup with 109MP and 64MP combination which is never seen in a segment like this one. The weight of the smartphone is also very light making portability really great. The same will be unboxed in my Youtube videos soon which I could not do last week because my voice was affected due to the Flu. Video creation is so much dependent on your health as compared to writing this blog post but both I could not do when I was sick. I also attended Youtube Shorts for Africa with the Google team which was really great as I was also given an opportunity to tell everyone about my channel but nothing happened as no new subscribers joined the channel after all so the community etc is just doesn't make the cut as your own small community which you need to nurture. 

8. Money - Monthly salary was the only income I received this month too and this is something I have to change in the coming months of 2022. I needed to create a wealth mindset which I am sure I could not do in the first quarter of 2022. I will continue to focus on the wealth mindset throughout 2022 to attract more money into my life. The Life's Way has not earned me anything in the first quarter of 2022. 

9. Youtube Channel - I now need to focus on earning some kind of income from Youtube and for the same, I will start posting more and more videos from all the gadgets I have in my life. This is an exploring phase where I need to check what is my niche shooting all kinds of videos with all kinds of gifs and other stuff which bigger Youtubers are using these days. I can play around with the top camera shooting approach and also check on different kinds of light setups within the means available to me without any further investments in photography and lighting equipment. 

10. Social Media - Leaving aside the first week of Jan-22, the posts on Facebook and Instagram have been a daily activity going on from 8th Jan to 8-Apr so far. I now need to create more posts showcasing my photography skills because that is what I have had all these years. I can't switch to something else now thinking to work on another skill. I am good at what I do let's enhance it further. Let's celebrate your good things and improve where you want to improve for your future self. Your right self-image shall drive that conversation and your efforts should be towards achieving that image. 

It's a long post as I combined the quarter review also into Week 13 to reduce the number of efforts of making a new image with the text etc. I love Canva which helps me create all these amazing pictures for my blog posts as well as Youtube thumbnails. I am so grateful to see that with a weekly focus on certain tasks a lot can be achieved if consistent enough to make it happen. For the things where I lagged and failed, I am coming for you too. 


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