Monday 8 November 2021

Samsung Week Deals @SamsungMobileSA @SamsungSA #SamsungWeek #SamsungOnlineStore

Hi Friends,

Samsung South Africa launched their Samsung Week from 25-Oct-21 till 11-Nov-21 and the best part is that the courier charges are free of cost to the consumers. 
Samsung Week Deals @SamsungMobileSA @SamsungSA #SamsungWeek #SamsungOnlineStore
You only have to pay for the device or gadget or accessories you are buying. The payment can be made via credit card or debit card. The email confirmation is sent to your Samsung account and then you can track your order. An SMS is also sent on the day of delivery and a confirmed delivery report is sent along with the invoice for any warranty purposes later.  
I also got part of the pre-launch Twitter campaign where they gave away R200 vouchers to 1000 of the Twitter users who retweeted their giveaway tweet. I got all the items I ordered really fast and the packaging was huge as compared to the items I ordered giving them enough space to travel safely. 
Everything I ordered was received within a span of 3-4 days from ordering to delivery. It was really a seamless experience from Samsung online store. I am really happy about the same. There are certain accessories and products I was not aware of being available in the Samsung store like this USB-C headset jack adapter which is a high-quality audio product to bring my old headphones to work with the new Samsung Galaxy Smartphones. My music experience is now enhanced using this small accessory as compared to the cheaper versions available in the market. 
These items are which I bought during this Samsung Week are some of the accessories for the smartphones whereas some of the things I wanted to buy went out of stock so soon like the micro-SD card of 256GB capacity for around R249 only. As the portable charger is also not coming with the smartphones these days I wanted to buy one of the same as well as a wireless charger to charge my smartphone. In case you are interested in any of the purchases from Samsung lookout for all the deals available still till 11th Nov 2021 -

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