Tuesday 9 November 2021

A Memoir - This Month Last Year - Nov 2020 www.thelifesway.com #TheLifesWay

Hi Friends, 

November 2020 was the time when I decided that I will have to make a future in South Africa where I got VISA rather than looking for a new destination where VISA is not available for me. I got myself working on getting the best rest before it all begins once again. I started searching for a new project in South Africa which I only got in Feb 2021. 

1. #TheLifesWay Youtube Channel Crossed 500 Subscribers #500subs @Youtube #SouthAfrica - November 2020 I was very busy on my Youtube Channel as I was planning content and putting it on my channel and sharing it with the world. I also got my first 500 subscribers during this time and still in the next year I am still at 831 subscribers so the growth has been really really slow. I have to push a lot of content which I have done as I crossed 200 videos to date and will continue to shoot more and more of them in Mystery Unboxings and Historical Tech playlists. 

2. KORAI - Artisans in Beauty Brings the Best Luxury Beauty Treatments #KoraiSA - Korai is one of the best SPA and Luxurious beauty treatment lounges and I can vouch for that. I did my pedicure for the first time ever with them and my feet and nails looked so great for the next 5-6 months or so. It's a must-visit centre for the ultra-modern millennials and anyone looking after their lifestyle perfectly well. 
A Memoir - This Month Last Year - Nov 2020 www.thelifesway.com #TheLifesWay

3. @Vivomobile_SA Partners With @TurnUpMusicZA #vivoIconSeries #vivoX50PRO - Vivo Mobiles in South Africa launched their X50 Pro smartphone which is a camera smartphone with Gimbal stabilisation built into it. I took the same to Kruger National Park and was so happy with its performance. Some photographers took it to music artists and performers and created some great looks with colourful backgrounds clicking all the photos using this smartphone. Currently, Vivo has launched X70 Pro in the market but I have not got hold of the same so far. 

4. Introducing the Best Entry-level SmartPhone #HUAWEIPsmart2021 @HuaweiZA - Huawei launched their entry-level smartphone named P Smart 2021 with good camera features and great overall performance. Suddenly the value market segment started to look so awesome in terms of design and aesthetics of the smartphone that no one will be able to tell if this phone is just around R6000

Thanks to the rAge Expo online experience last year but for the first time I didn't win a single contest and got no goodies from the online edition of the rAge expo despite participating in all the contests. I think luck has a big role to play in this regard as sometimes you win in a single tweet and sometimes you never win despite promoting all your content. 

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