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Saturday, 8 April 2017

A Memoir - This Month Last Year - Apr 2016 #TheLifesWay

Hi Guys,

April 2016 is one of the craziest month I saw last year as it was the time to fool myself and post more than 60 posts on my blog for some of the brands which has given me no benefits so far. I even invested some money in my blog thinking I will earn it back but that's somehow fine as it needs some capital to run a business so this year also, I have reinvested more money for the same.

1. @IndiBlogger Launches #AITE #IndiPR #Bloggers - - The best thing that could happen to me last year was the launch of IndiPR as it gave me opportunity to earn enough money in 2016 to buy myself a new Nikon 35mm lens. Though now I an not getting anu success in 2017 for any of the campaign but I have nothing on my wish list as such for this year. Wish list is the most important part of human life, if you ain't got it then there is no goal or dream to achieve it too and there won't be any roads made by universe to achieve it too! 

2. The Perfect Mate (#HuaweiMate8) For The Elegant Professional @HuaweiZA - - Huawei has been successful in creating a great market for itself around the world with it's quality and value for money products. I always loved the Mate series and loved Mate 7 when I took it on my trip to Drakensberg. I loved Mate 8 also when I reviewed it. After that I have not received any review units (P9, Mate9) from the brand but I wish them all the success as I have posted so many photographs on my instagram channel for Huawei for free.
3. @AcerAfrica Expands #Predator #Gaming Line with #VR-Ready #Desktops #NextAtACER - - Acer Africa has been a top notch brand in the laptop and gaming segment which brings all the latest to the country asap. I loved being a part of the recent launch where they showcased several products in a regular home in Monaghan Farm. I took an amazing photo with Acer tablet which I had to take off my instagram channel because there was some issue as told by PR company the next day. They wanted to shoot the same picture again with me but I could not provide time for the same. 

4. TONE Platinum @LGSouthAfrica brings @HarmonKardon #Bluetooth #Audio #Experience (700th Post) - - One product I love the most from LG South Africa is this Harman Kardon Tone Platinum bluetooth earphones. I didn't have them with me but this will be the top most item on my wish list if LG is listening. They are offering Tone Platinum headsets with the brand new LG G6 if you pre-order the same in April 2017 from what I saw in the tweets from fellow bloggers/media who were invited to the launch. 

5. @SamsungSA Brings #TheNextGalaxy Smartphones #GalaxyS7 #GalaxyS7Edge - - Last year they brought S7 and this year it's time for the S8 and S8+ to bring to the South African markets. This year I was not part of the launch event but I loved the Samsung smartphone for it's camera capabilities. People around the world love this smartphone as Galaxy Note series could not pick up last year. Samsung S8 is something I am also looking forward to check out really soon for myself if not sponsored by any other mobile brands as my HTC ONE M8 is almost dead now. 

As the whole country united on Friday 7th April 2017 to change the face of the government so do I have to change my attitude and bring in a change in myself to create a unique space for myself with my content and sharing my life with my readers. Till that time keep exploring the #NextGalaxies!!!


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