Thursday 14 July 2016

Modular Design Linked To "Play" Theme #LgG5 @LGMobileSA #LGPlayMore

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Juno Cho, President at LG Corporation in Korea described the new LG G5 device as an “adventurous theme park in your pocket” and we couldn’t agree more. A round of applause to the mobile smartphone of the year!

With an encased sleek all metal body design, always on display, a camera that offers a viewing angle that is approximately 1.7 times wider than those of existing smartphone and an innovative modular design that is able to transform the phone into a digital camera, hi-fi player and more. How has LG achieved such an accomplishment of technical wizardry?

Modular Design Linked To "Play" Theme #LgG5 @LGMobileSA #LGPlayMore
The idea behind the LG G5 modular design, was to stand out from the rest of the premium-end smartphones in the industry and build an all-metal device whilst retaining the removable battery. The LG G5 surpasses the visual experience of its predecessor, the LG G4. The modular design of the G5 (the slide-out bottom), is a standout feature and headline grabber. It allows you to slide out the bottom half to replace the battery, add in the LG Cam Plus accessory, 360 degrees VR cameras, Hi – Fi Plus and more.

“LG Mobile has acquired a reputation for being an industry pioneer, offering solid mobile electronic options to consumers across the market spectrum. The G5 introduced a modular design first of its kind in the world with a wide range of companion devices. This innovation delivers fun while providing a new mobile experience far beyond traditional smartphone boundaries. Until this innovation, both were not possible,” says Deon Prinsloo, General Manager for LG Mobile at LG Electronics South Africa.
Modular Design Linked To "Play" Theme #LgG5 @LGMobileSA #LGPlayMore #Thelifesway
Additionally, LG has a built a great reputation as one of the leaders in smartphone cameras. The G5 offers its consumers dual cameras, one with a standard 78-degree lens and the other with a 135-degree wide angle lens, the widest available in any smartphone. The 135-degree lens on the LG G5 offers a viewing angle that is approximately 1.7 times wider than those of existing smartphone cameras and 15-degrees wider than the human eye’s field of view. 

The G5 weighs 159 grams and the rear power button and fingerprint scanner is vastly improved over the LG G4 and LG V10. The top of the 5.3 inch QHD display has a cool effect with the glass curves down towards the back. 
Modular Design Linked To "Play" Theme #LgG5 @LGMobileSA #LGPlayMore #photoyatra
The 5.3-inch QHD IPS Quantum display on the LG G5 offers an Always-on feature, the first on an IPS smartphone display. What more can one ask for in a smartphone? The LG G5 is currently available at leading operators nationwide.


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