Tuesday 27 October 2015

A Memoir - This Month Last Year - Nov 2014

Hi Guys,

November last year was something I was looking forward to as it was time to plan the upcoming holidays in the festive season of December. I was very happy with the success of my blog as it started picking up and I got a lot of invites to attend the launch events from many brands. 

1. @SamsungSA #GALAXYNote4 - WORLD TOUR 2014 - CAPE TOWN - http://www.thelifesway.com/2014/11/samsungsa-galaxynote4-world-tour-2014.html & http://www.thelifesway.com/2014/11/samsungmobilesa-galaxy-note-4-media.html - Samsung launched their flagship phablet Note4 and everything was grand about the launch event. I stayed at The Cullinan in CapeTown for the same and really loved the weather of the city. Cape Town is one of the best beach cities around the world. I really loved Note4 a lot as I got to review the same for a week. I took my Nikon D7000 to the event and took all the photographs using the same. 

2. @SurteeGroupZA - 7 For All Mankind - @SandtonCity Store Launch - http://www.thelifesway.com/2014/11/surteegroupza-7-for-all-mankind.html - I really loved the photographs that I took at the launch event using my Samsung NX300. These branded jeans was way beyond the reach of my purchasing ability as the range starts from around R4500. It was great to be invited to all the launch events as you get to meet new people and make friends out of them. 
3. Automobilia Artworks & Memorabilia - Launch Johannesburg - http://www.thelifesway.com/2014/11/automobilia-artworks-memorabilia-launch.html - If you a fan of F1 and everything related to fast cars and bikes then this will be a heaven for you in Johannesburg for all the collectibles that you can buy here at this shop. The launch was really an eye opener for me to go through all the types of collectibles that can be bought if you are a real fan. I used Samsung NX300 for covering this event. 

4. @FrysFamily Vegetarian Event @ Capsicum Culinary Studio, Johannesburg - http://www.thelifesway.com/2014/11/frysfamily-vegetarian-event-capsicum.html - It was my first class of cooking in a professional environment from everything that is vegetarian. I never thought that I can make some great dishes just following instructions of the experienced chef's from Capsicum Culinary School. The difficult part was the collaboration that I had to do with my partner in the class as we disagreed on presentation of our cooked food. Anyways, we won a dinner party for 10 fully sponsored by the Fry family of meat free vegetarian products made of Soya. I used Samsung NX300 for covering this event. 

5. Product Review - Mitchum Deodorants with Oxygen Odor Control
- http://www.thelifesway.com/2014/11/product-review-mitchum-deodorants-with.html - I really loved using the Mitchum Deodrants as they keep you sweat free for long hours. Deodorants is a necessity in summers and some people who don't use it really kills other people if they are travelling in bus, metro or any means of public transports. Revlon is the parent company behind the Mitchum range of deodorants. 

Overall, November was the month of packing as I was shifting my house as my family was joining me in Johannesburg. I really missed my time in my previous house as I watched and saw a lot of TV series online. From 24 to House of Cards to Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones I loved watching all the serials. 


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