Tuesday 21 April 2015

#StarWars V - The Empire Strikes Back - Facts #DisneyAfrica

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In the Star Wars fan world, there’s a lot of controversy about the color of the coat Han Solo wears on the planet Hoth in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (1980). Many fans think the coat is blue, but it’s actually brown. You can see it in the bonus extras of Star Wars: The Digital Collection. It's kind of same conversation that took the twitter by storm some days back with a girl's dress color.
If Anthony Daniels fell over in his C-3PO costume, he couldn’t get up on his own. The costume wasn’t very flexible at all. In fact, the actor couldn’t sit down whilst wearing it. Whenever you see C-3PO sitting in The Empire Strikes Back, either you don’t see below the waist or Anthony would sit down on set without the costume and they would build it up around him.
Which everyday kitchen item was used to create the sound of C-3PO moving in the early movies? According to Ben Burtt, it was a couple of ice-cube trays being bashed around.

Harrison Ellenshaw – Matte Painting Supervisor for Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back – is no stranger to Disney. Harrison is the son of Peter Ellenshaw, who was a matte painter for Disney for many, many years. Peter worked on iconic movies including Mary Poppins, Bedknobs And Broomsticks and Swiss Family Robinson – and he was named a Disney Legend in 1993. Harrison can be seen talking about the use of matte paintings in the Star Wars saga in the bonus extras for the new digital release, Star Wars: The Digital Collection.

South African fans can access the Star Wars Digital Movie Collection exclusively on the South Africa iTunes Store via www.itunes.com/starwars.
Conversations: The Lost Interviews
Listen to never-before-heard interviews with the cast and crew of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope in this exclusive bonus feature. Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford and others reveal the thrills and challenges of their early days on set…

The Lost Interviews: Fact #1
Carrie Fisher was petrified about her iconic swing stunt with Mark Hamill in Star Wars. Stunt actors were not used for the scene, which was tackled by the two actors. Hamill wore a girdle to carry their weight for the swing, but Fisher didn’t.

The Lost Interviews: Fact #2
Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher’s iconic swing to safety was shot in one take on the set of the movie. Fisher wanted to do it again, but Lucas decided against it. Boxes were placed underneath the actors to break their fall if anything went wrong!

The Lost Interviews: Fact #3
At one point, C-3PO actor Anthony Daniels wasn’t interested in meeting George Lucas to discuss working on Star Wars. The actor wasn’t interested in playing a robot in a sci-fi movie until he read the script!

Discoveries From Inside: Matte Paintings Unveiled
Esteemed artist and painter Harrison Ellenshaw discusses the nearly lost art of matte painting; an element crucial to the look of Star Wars and so many other classic films…

Matte Paintings Unveiled: Fact #1
Harrison Ellenshaw was the supervising matte painter on A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. How many people were in his extremely technical department? Just one.

Matte Paintings Unveiled: Fact #2
Take a closer look at some of the iconic scenes from Star Wars movies. You might think that huge sets were built and hundreds of extras were used – but sometimes, the sets and even the stormtroopers were merely part of a meticulously prepared matte painting.

Legacy content includes “A Conversation With The Masters” (2010); “Dennis Muren: How Walkers Walk”; “George Lucas On Editing The Empire Strikes Back 1979”; and “George Lucas On The Force: 2010”; plus six deleted scenes.

This movie is the second part in the original trilogy and was directed by Irvin Kershner. 

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