Sunday 26 April 2015

Scare your friends with pranks from #Robosphere @MadmadRob

Hi Guys,

Scare or sudden attack of fright is also a necessity as important as laughter because it keeps your reflexes strong, makes you competitive, gives you adrenalin rush and also gives you courage to face fearful things in life. Rob is turning into a prankster and teaching you for the coming month all kinds of cool ways to freak your family and friends. Let me warn you to do it within the limitations so that no one gets hurt. After all, it's all about having fun while you learn some arts & crafts.
Let Rob teach you how to get your friends to absolutely lose their minds when they see this super creepy, uber cool Head In A Jar! in this cool video and many more to come in this year -

Rob is inviting a lot of celebrities from all walks of life to have fun on his channel. I am sure he must be getting a lot of requests from stars also to be on this show to learn and relive their childhood. Kiran Manral is an author and also has a parenting blog "Karmic Kids" which is very useful for parents. One of my blogposts was selected to be published on her Parle-G blog. She is on Rob's channel with her son Krish. You can subscribe to the Mad Stuff with Rob channel at -

We all love pranks and when pranks are so easy where we can use ourselves to scare others are awesome to do. Remember all those Halloween costumes available in the market where you wear masks of frankenstein or someone else but now you are making your own face looks dangerous. I hope there will be many more simple pranks you can learn in the next episodes on the channel. Hit the subscribe button and get email notification once any new video gets uploaded on Youtube channel of MadStuffWithRob.

I will try this one myself as I would love to know how I look as a dangerous dead version in a jar with hairs and blood all around. Keep learning and exploring kids as this is the time when you can as you are not bonded by any responsibilities. Enjoy your childhood!


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