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Wednesday, 13 November 2019

A Memoir - This Month Last Year - Oct 2018 #TheLifesWay #PhotoYatra

Hi Friends,

October 2018 saw the blog 50 posts across all streams of lifestyle and technology but as I am looking at them now, it makes no sense to post the press releases on the blog. My personal voice has lost and I am not able to find time for the posts which I am thinking in my mind but it never comes to my blog. So I have decided that 2019 will the end of press releases directly getting on my blog and I am going to complete my relationship with them by posting all of them received this year in the next few days. 

No one ever reached anywhere with all the press releases as I am not getting the respect I think I deserve from the brands. I am going to be more myself starting today onwards and doing what I love the most. 

Creating new content with a passion to bring a change in the life of those who follow my blog in 2020.

1. #rAgeExpo2018 Spreads The Love, Does The Things @rAgeExpo - - rAge Expo is an experience and 2018 is one of the greatest for me. I won the MSI Gaming Keyboard and this year I didn't get anything at all not even the MSI bag to carry stuff around. lol!

2. @HuaweiZA Disrupts the #Smartphone Industry #HuaweiMate20Pro #HigherIntelligence - - I have not seen the mobile till date despite doing so many posts for the brand. I went to the launch event and only got the goodies everyone invited got. I am thinking now that the brands are taking me for granted as I am okay with their treatment for myself. But I am grateful that I have got some great goodies from the brand in all these years. 
A Memoir - This Month Last Year - Oct 2018 #TheLifesWay #PhotoYatra
3. @SilverstarZA Will Once Again Become a #Beach Paradise This Festive Season #LoveSilverstar - - This was the last event I was invited to at Silverstar Casino and this complete year I didn't get any invite and only press release which I told no to. Further, then I never got any invite and was taken out of the list I suppose. I think I have got so many goodies from this in the last few years from pen drives to stays at the hotel. 

4. Gauteng’s Premier Entertainment Destination @MontecasinoZA Scoops Four Awards #GottaLuvMonte - - Montecasino has been my favorite destination but this year I didn't get any invites from them too. I personally also visited very little as it's too far from my home. But sometimes I have to go there for my kids who love to play games at the Gaming center there. 

5. Get Ready For #JohnKehoeFinalTour 10-11 Nov 2018 #Johannesburg #SouthAfrica @LearnMindPower - - I asked the PR to get me a copy of the book and soon it arrived at my doorsteps for this blog post but still it's there in my drawers and I have not read it. These days I have started listening to a lot of audiobooks while I travel which has really helped me learn some new things in life. 

This is the best time of the year to create new goals and plans to follow your passion. I am not able to sleep as I need to do something regarding my passion and what I want to do in my life. I need to create big goals that can motivate me towards the new journey I want to take in 2020. It's the year I will complete 40 years and the next few years will be my journey towards financial freedom and doing only what I want to do rather than expectations of people around me.

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Thursday, 7 November 2019

The Smartest #Meeting Just Got Smarter @SamsungSA #Fl!p2

Hi Friends, 

Samsung Fl!p 2 is now available in South Africa. The need for smarter, more efficient meeting environments is fast increasing. There is, therefore, a growing interest in technology that bridges the divide between the traditional and the digital. This is where the Samsung Fl!p 2 shines! Fl!p 2 is an intuitive and easy-to-use digital flipchart for any meeting environment, offering enhanced collaboration capabilities in an easy UI with a host of features, including brush mode, annotation on, merge to roll, and other collaboration tools. Available in 65 inches, it offers great collaborative features supported by unique designs. It has a large screen that can be used as the main display in a meeting room, while the no-gap wall mount removes any unnecessary space between the product and the wall.

“The Fl!p 2 offers a smart office and modern work environment where users can rapidly capture notes and ideas, share them with other people and save them without any difficulties,” says Cambridge Mokanyane, Chief Marketing Officer at Samsung South Africa.

Here are a few ways the Fl!p 2 is a must-have for the modern office:
The Smartest #Meeting Just Got Smarter @SamsungSA #Fl!p2
Write On Any Background
You to write on any background source. By simply clicking the note layer button, you can enjoy smooth writing anytime, anywhere on any content displayed, without affecting any work behind the original layer.

Flexible Image Editing Selection
You can quickly and easily select, move, crop, capture, and edit any image. Each Image can also be merged to the roll with just one click of a button, allowing it to be edited or erased.

Easy Content Navigation
Enjoy 20 pages of writing space per roll, allowing you to seamlessly scroll through pages. The Fl!p 2’s intuitive, user-friendly menu simplifies navigation and saves time, while the quick finder feature allows you to preview content and make instant changes directly on the screen.

Simple Web Surfing While Annotating
Fl!p 2 now supports web browsing and allows you to access the internet directly through the display, with no additional device needed. Once the browser is open, annotation is still available for you to draw around the browser too.
The Smartest #Meeting Just Got Smarter @SamsungSA #Fl!p2
Direct Document Access
You get the capability to open Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, and PDF files directly with a built-in document viewer, ensuring easy access regardless of the content source.

Custom Screen Saver To Reinforce Your Brand
When the display is not in use, you can select a custom image to be shown as a screensaver. This means the Fl!p 2 can help to reinforce a brand, for example, by displaying a company logo.

Multiple Connection Options
You are empowered by the Fl!p 2’s versatile connection options. USB, HDMI, NFC, and wireless connection capabilities enable optimum collaboration and provide interactive content visibility, notation, and sharing. The Fl!p 2 also offers an optional tray like a more powerful connectivity extension.

Safe Secure Content Protection
Fl!p 2 ensures that confidential meeting information remains in the right hands. Using its reinforced, 6-digit lock system, each in-office team can safeguard sensitive content, lock the display and remove critical content from view.

Ultimately, the Samsung Fl!p 2 allows teams to work smarter, faster and better.

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#TheLifesWayReviews: @Sorbet_Man Saw Point Back & Neck Massage #SorbetManMorningside

Hi Friends, 

Sorbet Man is a premium saloon for every men's day to day grooming needs and requirements. The grooming specialists hired at Sorbet Man are trained and qualified industry professionals. Moreover, the shop offers the best of grooming equipment from lotions to creams to razors to shampoos. They have the best of staff and services available to someone who loves himself and wants to make all their cuts and shaves seriously fun. 
#TheLifesWayReviews: @Sorbet_Man Saw Point Back & Neck Massage #SorbetManMorningside
I was re-introduced to Sorbet Man at the launch of their store inside Morningside Shopping Mall on Rivonia Road. I have introduced to the Sorbet Man stores by the Marketing Manager of the brand once long ago but I could not make it to the store due to timing problems and since then it never came in my mind to check them out. But as the opportunity came, I quickly accepted the invite but could not avail any kind of services on the day. The manager was helpful enough to book me in the next week at a convenient timing for the 30 minutes massage session. 
#TheLifesWayReviews: @Sorbet_Man Saw Point Back & Neck Massage #SorbetManMorningside
I never thought that the saloon will have a full-fledged massage room and equipment housed inside the store. From the looks of the store, I thought it's just about hair cutting, coloring, and other services but they have a full menu waiting for yourself to be considered for grooming experience. The therapist told me to lie on my back with my clothes off and told me that she will be back in five minutes. Soon she was back and started the massage with her fingers going through the right pressure and relaxed my tired muscles. 
#TheLifesWayReviews: @Sorbet_Man Saw Point Back & Neck Massage #SorbetManMorningside
The back and neck massage at the Sorbet Man was really relaxing but it kept me wanting for more as 30 minutes passed in just seconds. I am definitely sure that next time I will book myself for 60 minutes and due to the convenience of walking into the shopping mall where my family can do groceries and other shopping, I can sneak away to find a relaxed myself hidden behind the doors of Sorbet Man. 
#TheLifesWayReviews: @Sorbet_Man Saw Point Back & Neck Massage #SorbetManMorningside
You shall definitely check out their services and products to cater to all kinds of personalities and persons. The types of services the store offered are Haircuts and head shaves, color, hot towel shaves, beard care, hair and scalp treatment, hands and feet, manscaping, tinting, threading, massages, Sorbet Man and Dermalogica facials along with various kinds of packages to suit your budget. I am sure you will walk out confident and perfectly groomed. 

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Wednesday, 6 November 2019

The Digital Dash for Africa #AfricaCom2019 @Connects_Africa #ConnectingAfrica

Hi Friends, 

Africa’s vast, untapped human potential is on the verge of incredible technological leaps forward with the rapid spread of digital technologies across the continent, along with the growing accessibly of NextGen technology.

Major obstacles facing the continent, include the structural challenges required to develop Africa’s digital ecosystem, along with the importance of building a skills base. This topic, among many that have the power to truly propel Africa into owning its digital future, will be up for discussion at AfricaCom happening 12 – 14 November in Cape Town, South Africa. 

Connectivity is the backbone of all economic opportunities and hence, Africa’s ‘thrival’ (beyond sustainability and survival to a thriving digitally enhanced continent). The connectivity track and exhibition Hall also explore and showcase what is required for the enablers of this desired thrival, the telcos, to become fully digital. 

Assisting in this evolution will be an entire plethora of emerging technologies. What these are and how they can help secure a digital future for all, will be unpacked in a dedicated panel discussion on Wednesday 13 November that will cover:

  • How can we maximize the transformative impact of innovative technologies on lives and businesses in Africa?
  • Seeing short-term practical benefits from new technology rollouts
  • How can we effectively scale these technologies to solve society’s challenges?
  • What are the key barriers to increased technology adoption? Who is best placed to overcome them?
The Digital Dash for Africa - Highlights #AfricaCom2019 @Connects_Africa #ConnectingAfrica
The confirmed moderator for this session is Terryanne Chebet, General Manager, Metropol TV who will be joined by the Hon. Paula Ingabire, Minister of ICT & Innovation, Republic of Rwanda; Isabel dos Santos, Chair, UNITEL; Carole Wamuyu Wainaina, Chief Operating Officer, Africa50; Juliet Ehimuan, Country Director, Google Nigeria and Charlene Verzmoter, Head of Philanthropy, Microsoft.

The growth of digital will facilitate profound advancement for Africa on a number of levels.  Perhaps the most impactful, aside from how it will enhance education and thus tomorrow’s businesses, will be the changing of the current business landscape. Enterprise Digital Transformation will, therefore, be a key theme at this year’s AfricaTech Centre Stage, a new show feature.

Sessions to look out for include:

  • Technology is fundamentally reshaping the way we do business: What should enterprise leaders expect in 2 years, 5 years, 10 years and 20 years, and how should they respond?
  • How is Artificial Intelligence transforming African business and how can it be used to elevate African economies?
  • Improving mining safety and retaining competitive advantage: utilizing IoT to power Africa's largest industry
  • Cybersecurity and data privacy: Don’t let rapid digital transformation and technology adoption become a double-edged sword!
Also sharing their knowledge will be some of the brightest women in world telecoms and technology, who will discuss industry trends, such as best practices of accessing global markets, opportunities and gaps on the continent, and an engaging Fireside Chat discussing what goes into deciding to invest in an idea.

The Women in Tech track will also turn over key issues for women in the industry ranging from the need for diversity in AI, to challenging the “bro-culture” coined by KRS Software’s CEO Lorraine Steyn, on the challenges women face in breaking into the industry, staying in it or returning to it, as well as making the industry more attractive for women, as well as how to attract top women talent to the industry through offering remote and flexible working conditions. 

Speaking up and speaking out, is a power-packed line-up of dynamic women such as:

Matsi Modise (Furaha Solutions), Baratang Miya (GirlHype and Uhuru Spaces), Carol Bouwer (CB Productions), Hannah Subayi (South Suez Capital), Tanya Van Lill (SAVCA), Anelisa Tuswa (ETV), Lebogang Miya (Mari), Lethabo Motsoaledi (, Siyabonga Tiwana (Skywalk Innovations), Nomso Kana (SEDA), Emma Wade-Smith OBE (HM Trade Commissioner for Africa), Marilyn Radebe (Black IT Forum), Elisabeth Medou Badang (Orange), Lorraine Steyn (Khanyisa Real Systems), Louise de Beer (Leadhome), Kutlwano Mofolo (Tech Savvy Kids), Eugina Jordan, (Parallel Wireless), Cassandra Enyan (Google), Shivani Pillay (Uber) and Deseré Orrill (Ole!Connect).

Other highlights to factor in when visiting AfricaCom are:

  • IoT World Africa
  • AI Summit Cape Town
  • FinTech Africa
  • LeadersIn Summit
  • Connecting Africa
  • Headliners - are free to attend and the full line-up is available here.
More than 15,000 visitors will be building relationships and setting up deals at AfricaCom in 2019, along with tracking the line-up of heavyweight speakers and industry experts who will be sharing their knowledge and opportunities. 

AfricaCom 2019 is only days away, and registration is open for delegates and media who are ready to stay on trend with cutting edge insights from the industry leaders who make things happen on the continent. Diarise now, the talks and presentations you can’t afford to miss out on and get ready to take your place at AfricaCom 2019 at the CTICC from 12 – 14 November 2019.

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Come #Rain or #Shine, It’s Always #IslandTribe Sunscreen Time!

Hi Friends, 

Weather can be deceiving, but sunny or chilly, rainy or overcast, the sun is always sending harmful Ultra Violet (UV) rays to the earth. There are two types of UV rays: the UVB rays are responsible for the redness of the skin, burning, skin damage, skin spots and ultimately skin cancer. UVA rays can damage cell structure and cause ageing, and increase the risk of cancer specifically malignant melanoma (a serious form of skin cancer).

At least 80% of sun-induced skin damage occurs before the age of 18 and only manifests later in life. It is therefore particularly important that children’s skins are protected with sunscreen throughout the year.

While people with a fair skin tone (blonde/red hair; light skin; freckles; green/blue eyes) are more at risk for sunburn and skin damage, people of all ethnic groups are at risk of getting skin cancer. Quality sunscreens are a must for all South Africans, young and old, all year round.
Come Rain or Shine, It’s Always #IslandTribe Sunscreen Time!
In the interest of ensuring that your family uses effective sunscreen offering adequate protection, opt for sunscreen endorsed by The Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA). Look for the CANSA Seal of Recognition (CSOR) on your sun protection products. This seal ensures that the brand has complied with strict criteria developed by CANSA in the interest of a SunSmart South Africa.

It is best to use a sunscreen that has a sun protection factor of a minimum of 20 and not higher than 50, and broad-spectrum protection against harmful UVA & UVB rays, preventing premature ageing and lowering your risk of skin cancer.

Island Tribe sunscreens are designed to give the user effective protection against both UVA and UVB rays. With a range of products to choose from, users are sure to find the Island Tribe product that’s right for them … one that has been tested by dermatologists, and bears the CANSA seal of recognition.

Visit for more information and join the conversations on Facebook and Instagram.

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#SDC19 @SamsungMobileSA Advances Experience #Innovation in Collaboration with #Partners and #Developers

Hi Friends,

Samsung showcases new ways for developers to scale their services across billions of devices through its extensive, secure and connected ecosystem

Today announced, at the Samsung Developer Conference 2019 (SDC19), new ways its platforms will enable developers to introduce simpler, more powerful experiences to consumers around the world. Samsung shared its vision for the next era of mobile and connected living, offering inspiration to developers, enterprise leaders, and consumers through innovative experiences with the devices they rely on every day.

DJ Koh, President and CEO of IT & Mobile Communications Division, Samsung Electronics said, “We are fortunate to work with the world’s best developers and designers. Together, we have built an extensive and secure ecosystem of devices and services. We continue to make progress toward our vision to be the innovator of new mobile experiences that flow seamlessly and continuously wherever we go.”
#SDC19 @SamsungSA Advances Experience #Innovation in Collaboration with #Partners and #Developers
With the launch of Galaxy Fold, Samsung designed a first-of-its-kind mobile experience that is much more than a foldable device. Samsung, alongside hundreds of developers and partners, created an entire foldable ecosystem that continues to grow and opens up new possibilities to the mobile experience. As promised at SDC last year, Samsung will continue to explore a range of new form factors in the foldable category. And at SDC19, Samsung invited developers and users alike to join the exploration of exciting new use cases and user experiences.

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Tuesday, 5 November 2019

#ClayAwayTheDay With @PONDS_SA Mineral Clay Cleansers

Hi Friends,

POND’S launches range of everyday Mineral Clay Cleansers designed to enrich your skin for a super bouncy glow

South African Heritage skincare brand, POND’S, recently announced the launch of its very first range of Mineral Clay Cleansers. The brand carefully selected one of the world's most prestigious and potent clays from Morocco, with four times the dirt absorption power and bio-minerals, to create the NEW POND'S Mineral Clay Cleansers.

Designed to completely transform your daily skincare regime, these cleansers boast multiple detoxing and rejuvenating properties. Their unique formula also transforms into a deep cleansing facial foam when it comes in contact with water, making it easy to simply #ClayAwayTheDay.

NEW POND’S Mineral Clay Cleansers are available in three variants: Flawless Radiance Mineral Clay for smoother and brighter skin, Pure Detox Mineral Clay for exfoliated and polished skin, and the Pimple Clear Mineral Clay which is formulated to reduce signs of pimples.
#ClayAwayTheDay With @PONDS_SA Mineral Clay Cleansers
“Because POND’S understands that we live in an ever-changing world, with evolving needs, we create transformative skin solutions at The POND’S Institute, delivered through the most advanced technology and backed by some of the world’s latest trends,” says Bawinile Kwela, Marketing Manager for Hair and Face Care – Unilever. “Our products are as enjoyable as they are efficacious: think delightful textures, sensory experiences, and exciting formats. This is especially true when it comes to NEW POND'S Mineral Clay Cleansers, designed especially for an environment where women are looking for products on the cutting-edge of science and innovation, giving them experiences that go beyond the norm.”

Apart from being specifically formulated to address three of the most prevalent skincare needs, the clay contained within NEW POND’S Mineral Clay Cleansers also contains properties such as detoxing, pulling out bacteria and impurities from the skin (without over-drying), removing dead skin cells, and oxygenating the skin.

Available now at all major retails at an RSP of R89.99, you can also clay it, foam it and wash away the day with NEW POND’S Mineral Clay Cleansers.

To learn more about POND’S Mineral Clay Cleansers, please visit To follow the conversation on social media, find POND’s on Facebook (@PondsSouthAfrica), Instagram (@ponds_sa) and Twitter (@PONDS_SA), and join the conversation using #ClayAwayTheDay.

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@SamsungMobileSA Responds To The Demand For The #GalaxyFold Limited Pre-Launch Offer

Hi Friends, 

For a second time since its launch, the Galaxy Fold has sold out, prompting Samsung to open another pre-order sale for enthusiastic users

The pre-order sales of the Galaxy Fold have been unprecedented; with high demand from consumers across Africa. The highly anticipated Galaxy Fold, a new foldable device creating a new mobile category, is an obvious favorite. In response to the demand, Samsung South Africa is pleased to announce the release of another batch. After selling out the pre-order batch and then a second limited batch, Samsung decided to release a third limited pre-launch batch of devices. Customers who missed out on the first two exciting deals will be delighted that they have the opportunity to take advantage of the latest fantastic *limited pre-launch offer.

Galaxy Fold features the world’s first 7.3-inch Infinity Flex Display, which folds into a compact device with a cover display. It offers a powerful new way to multitask, watch videos, play games, and more – bringing to life new experiences and possibilities years in the making.
@SamsungMobileSA Responds To The Demand For The #GalaxyFold Limited Pre-Launch Offer
Galaxy Fold is in a category of its own. It delivers a new kind of mobile experience allowing users to do things they couldn’t do with an ordinary smartphone. Users now have the best of both worlds; a compact device that unfolds to reveal Samsung’s largest-ever smartphone display. Galaxy Fold brings together material, engineering and display innovations, developed over eight years following the debut of Samsung’s first flexible display prototype in 2011.

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Are #Promotional Products The #Gifts That Keep on Giving in SA? @PromoProductExp

Hi Friends,

The global promotional products industry is doing well, despite an unstable international economic climate, and is said to be growing at a pace according to Econo Times, with other industry experts seeing this upward trend continuing until at least 2024.

“The reasons for this are varied, but most likely lie in the fact that marketing, specifically in a competitive economy, is a key business priority and branded promotional products are a simple, cost-effective way to keep brands top of mind,” says Nick Sarnadas, event director at Specialised Exhibitions Montgomery.

“Through promotional products, advertising and marketing messaging life cycles can be greatly extended to long after initial exposure, Sarnadas continues. “Statistics vary per country but, on average, around 80 percent of recipients will remember the advertiser after receiving a promotional gift item and approximately 45 percent of those keeping the product for at least 12 months.”

Does this positive market growth, however, extend to South Africa, where according to Statistics South Africa, we have just narrowly dodged a recession?
Are #Promotional Products The #Gifts That Keep on Giving in SA? @PromoProductExp
SA resellers weigh in
Rainer Schulz of Thistle Promotions believes that, without supporting research on the South African promo product market, it is difficult to make a definitive statement on how the sector has fared recently.

“Over the past year, we’ve seen contrasting variances in the South African promotional goods sector - some companies have drastically cut spending, forgoing marketing investment in lieu of channeling funds into staff retention, while others have started spending on promotional goods for the very first time in an attempt to grow brand awareness and market share by channeling funds into new areas,” he says.

This sentiment is corroborated by another local promotional products reseller, namely David Kraukamp of Promo One, who explains that it has been a fairly tough year for the market, much like most other sectors in South Africa currently.

“Unfortunately, many businesses are redirecting marketing spend, as it’s often the easiest place to cut the budget,” says Kraukamp. “However, there is clearly still value in corporate gifts and promo items, particularly as we head into the festive season, as companies, in general, do still want to provide some sort of item to their customers, even if it is at a lower price point.”
Are #Promotional Products The #Gifts That Keep on Giving in SA? @PromoProductExp
Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) released 2018 global industry research which shows interesting results, adds Sarnadas, especially when it comes to the five Rs of promotional products, namely, reach, reaction, recall, resonance, and repeated exposure:

  • Reach – 89 percent of consumers have received a promotional product in the last six months.
  • Reaction – 79 percent of these actually researched the brand and 83 percent said they would be more likely to do business with the brand after receipt of the item.
  • Recall – 90 percent of respondents recall the branding, 80 percent recall the message and 70 percent recall the call to action.
  • Resonance – 82 percent recorded a more favorable impression of the brand after receiving a promotional product.
  • Repeated exposure – 81 percent say they keep their product for more than a year.
“These figures reinforce the fact that even in a difficult environment, with budgets are tighter than ever and increased pressure to prove value for marketing spend, branded merchandise can be a powerful tool,” he states.
Are #Promotional Products The #Gifts That Keep on Giving in SA? @PromoProductExp
Where does local demand lie?
Schulz shares that demand in South Africa has grown for practical products with a specific everyday use, such as notebooks, caps, and shopping bags (particularly important with growing awareness around eradicating the single-use plastic bag), stating that drinkware is currently very popular but the technology side, which saw a boom several years ago (with power banks being especially popular) is on the wane. Kraukamp agrees, adding that companies are taking more of an old-school approach again, looking for products that will stay within eye-line, like desktop items and wall clocks.

“Environmentally friendly gifts are on the upward trajectory, as businesses are becoming more aware of being socially and environmentally conscious, with a focus on the likes of reusable water bottles (glass or aluminum and even BPA free plastic),” Kraukamp adds.

“The benefits inherent to promotional products are obvious, and they remain an important part of holistic marketing campaigns,” Sarnadas says. “This is a fast-paced sector, with thousands of options available, and a fairly complex value chain for the local reseller.
Are #Promotional Products The #Gifts That Keep on Giving in SA? @PromoProductExp
“It is for these reasons that Specialised Exhibitions Montgomery has introduced The Promo Product Expo, with a view to supporting the start-to-finish reselling experience; from sourcing right through to customer delivery,” he explains.

This will include each touch point within the promotional product reseller’s supplier network, incorporating branding experts, designers, financial providers, industry-specific networking organizations, logistics providers, marketing pros, packaging and printing specialists, promotional goods and apparel manufacturers and suppliers, technology vendors and distributors, wholesalers, and more.

“The Promo Product Expo 2020 will offer resellers direct access to a variety of suppliers that serve this industry, providing an opportunity to see, feel and touch current product offerings - as well as new solutions that are coming down the line – while encouraging and enabling the opportunity for visitors to meet the humans that make the magic happen for businesses who believe in branding in South Africa.”

The Promo Product Expo will run on 21 and 22 July 2020 at Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg. For more information on the trade show, please visit Interested in exhibiting at the expo, or becoming a partner? Please contact Specialised Exhibitions Montgomery on

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