Monday 24 June 2024

The 2024 BCX Digital Innovation Awards Ignite South Africa's Tech Future!

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The BCX Digital Innovation Awards are back, and this year's event promises to be more thrilling than ever! Celebrating its sixth anniversary, the competition has evolved into the premier stage for trailblazing technology professionals and forward-thinking organisations across South Africa. This celebration of ingenuity honours extraordinary innovations designed by South Africans.

In past years, the competition has dazzled with groundbreaking entries from prestigious companies such as Old Mutual, Discovery Bank, and Shoprite Checkers. Moreover, the SME participants have introduced awe-inspiring innovations, leaving an indelible mark on industries both locally and globally.

This year's edition is set to elevate the excitement with the three dynamic categories as last year: Public Sector Entities, Corporate Enterprises, and Small & Medium Enterprises. Innovators are gearing up to revolutionise society and steer us toward a digitally advanced nation.

"We are thrilled to witness the groundbreaking innovations that this year's participants will bring to the table. Each year, my fellow judges and I are impressed by the inventiveness and brilliance of the submissions," exclaims Jan Bouwer Chief Solutions Officer at BCX.
The 2024 BCX Digital Innovation Awards Ignite South Africa's Tech Future!
Jan Bouwer Chief Solutions Officer at BCX
The competition is not just about accolades; it is about driving societal progress, boosting business growth, and spearheading digital transformations to better serve communities. The social innovations emerging from the Public Sector have significantly uplifted the welfare and well-being of South Africans. Meanwhile, pioneering products, processes, and services are reshaping our way of life.

“We are calling on all Public Sector Entities, Corporate Enterprises, and SMEs who are pushing the boundaries of digital innovation to come forward. This is your moment to shine, to display your creativity, and to help us mould a digitally empowered future for our country,” urges Bouwer.

Reflecting on their past victories, previous winners shared the profound impact of the BCX Digital Innovation Awards on their businesses. Muhammad Simjee, Chief Operating Officer at Netcare Digital, a past winner, emphasised the importance of the awards in recognising deep technical expertise, saying, "The awards enable teams with deep technical expertise to be recognised for their work." He also acknowledged the enhanced credibility his company gained after winning, stating, "The endorsement of our capabilities by BCX has enhanced our credibility."

Kathryn Malherbe, CEO & Founder of MEDSOL AI Solutions echoed these sentiments, noting the prestige associated with the awards. "It’s a welcome accolade to rub shoulders with South Africa’s top JSE-listed companies and be recognised on the stage of giants," she said. These testimonials highlight the significant role the BCX Digital Innovation Awards is playing in boosting business profiles and fostering innovation across the nation.

Step into the spotlight and be part of South Africa's digital transformation journey! The BCX Digital Innovation Awards offer a prestigious platform for visionaries to display their creativity and ignite change across the nation.

To enter, go to or follow #BCXDIA on social media.
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