Tuesday 11 June 2024

Stationery Review 70: Cult Pens Canvas Pen Wrap (GBP £6)

Hi Friends, 

I bought this Canvas Pen Warp from Cult Pens Stationery online shop in the United Kingdom. One of my friends who travels to London brought this back for me. Many thanks to him and so grateful. The same was on sale for £6. 

Stationery Review 70: Cult Pens Canvas Pen Wrap (GBP £6)

Thanks to Cult Pens for bringing so much stuff on sale around the year. Though I live in South Africa I keep watching and drooling about all the stationery products I may afford and use one day. 

This is a perfect canvas pen wrap made in India that can easily carry your ten fountain pens or anything else as it has 10 slots. The wrap also has a small slot on the side where you can insert a notebook or something else like a passport, boarding pass, etc. 

Link to video - https://youtu.be/xNhKwfv670w - Your Views Are My Only Blessings!

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