Thursday 7 September 2023

Old Nokia phones do it best: Nokia 3310 turns 23 years old

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Time to cut the Nokia 3310 birthday cake
No matter how far smartphone technology progresses, there is something about the simplicity and functionality of old mobile phones that always appeals to us. In 2000, the original retro phone favourite was launched, and to date is still one of the best-selling phones of all time. Cut to 2023 and the new Nokia 3310 and Nokia 3310 3G are still going strong. Here’s why the latest Nokia 3310 models get better with age.

Today’s Nokia 3310 is reliable
The original Nokia 3310 was tough. Today’s Nokia 3310 combines that level of durability with a slimmer build, a curved design, and a battery life that won’t have you tethered to the nearest power outlet. They provide up to 22 hours of talk time or 31 days of standby from a single charge. Compare this to the average smartphone battery life of around 10 hours and Nokia 3310 is the clear winner. Whether you want to use it daily or save it as a backup phone for the household or your car’s glove box, the Nokia 3310 won’t let you down.

Nokia 3310 can help you have fun and relax
Smartphones have become incredibly capable everyday companions, but we tend to take them too seriously. We protect them in cases and spend ages trying to capture the perfect shot. Before the smartphone boom, there was a quirky, playful charm to be found in feature phones. That’s something that today’s Nokia 3310 and Nokia 3310 3G embody. The Yellow and Warm Red colours are joyful with an unmistakable nod to a retro aesthetic, while the Charcoal option is there for those who want something low-key. The rear camera is there for taking snaps, but without the plethora of filters and adjustments available on smartphones, the pressure to take a studio-worthy shot isn’t there. It becomes more about preserving a memory and living in the moment.
Old Nokia phones do it best: Nokia 3310 turns 23 years old
The new Nokia 3110 phones have the Snake game
Everyone remembers Snake. While the simple mechanic satisfies a need for puzzle solving and quick thinking, the original game doesn’t make the most of the colour screen on today’s Nokia 3310. That’s why the Snake game got a little update as well. Snake Xenzia brings the game to life in vibrant colour. It’s comfortingly familiar yet refreshingly new – just like the phone itself.

Nokia 3310 is great for digital detoxing
With its long battery life and curved design that sits comfortably in the palm of your hand, the Nokia 3310 is perfect for the thing that phones were originally made for – talking. Without the plethora of apps on hand, the Nokia 3310 makes it easy to take a digital detox. Digital detoxing can help improve productivity, improve quality of sleep and lower stress levels. And, it can help you rediscover the value of talking to loved ones.

Happy birthday, Nokia 3310!
In a world characterized by constant change, the Nokia 3310 stands as a reminder of the lasting impact that simple yet innovative design can have on our lives. It's a celebration of endurance, a tribute to reliability, and a nod to the memories that it has woven into the fabric of our lives.

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