Wednesday 22 March 2023

Enjoy The Journey With 5 Second Rule SA Travel Edition! @Solarpopgoplay #5SecondRule

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Small enough to throw into a backpack, fun enough to amuse both adults and kids on a car journey, and perfect to take on holiday, 5 Second Rule SA Travel Edition is packed with entertainment.

“The travel edition is a very handy and compact mini version of the 5 Second Rule. Throw it into your backpack or into your hand luggage because it can be played anywhere, anytime. Coupled with this is its South African flavour, making it more relevant and adding to the fun. We predict that the travel version will become a staple in the board game drawer because it’s so portable,” explains Philip Galliford, spokesperson for Solarpop—distributor of 5 Second Rule SA Travel Edition.
Enjoy The Journey With 5 Second Rule SA Travel Edition! @Solarpopgoplay #5SecondRule
More about the game
Can you name 3 of the “big five”? Can you do it with the pressure of 5 seconds twisting down a mini timer and with other players staring you down? 5 Second Rule SA Travel Edition is a game of speed, quick thinking, and lots of laughs.

Ideal for all ages from eight to ninety-eight, it requires players to say whatever comes to mind, even if the answers are ridiculous. The game is a global phenomenon; it was featured on the Ellen show, and now there is a South African version created specifically for us. The version was created right here on home turf by a group of gaming enthusiasts who stretched their thinking right out of the box. What we have now is a stack of cards with some outstanding questions on them.
Enjoy The Journey With 5 Second Rule SA Travel Edition! @Solarpopgoplay #5SecondRule
How to Play
The game concept is simple, everyone can grasp the rules easily. It hinges on people’s quick thinking and general knowledge. One player reads the question card, another flips the mini timer and the player whose turn it is has five seconds to answer the question. Every question asks the player to list three things—3 genres of music, sports where jumping is involved, and supermodels. Simple enough, but somewhat difficult under the crunch of five seconds.

“Unlike Trivial Pursuit, where players need to know facts, this game is about getting your brain working quickly with your mouth to spit out the words within the pressure cooker timeframe. There is no strict right answer and even if some of the answers are silly, you might still be awarded the point. It depends upon the group of people and the mood,” says Galliford.
Enjoy The Journey With 5 Second Rule SA Travel Edition! @Solarpopgoplay #5SecondRule
The game throws some other curveballs to keep play interesting, such as cards you can play to skip a question or have someone else answer. Players also decide on how many rounds to play, which ensures that every game is different.

The variations in play make the game thrilling. You can take it seriously and be very competitive about winning, or you can play for laughs. The more players, the funnier the game becomes, with more people spouting nonsense and silliness at every turn.

While the game is for two players and up, it lends itself to playing in groups, which adds to the hilarity. It’s the perfect game to take along on a camping weekend, on a train journey, to the beach, on a hike, or to your favourite getaway spot.
Enjoy The Journey With 5 Second Rule SA Travel Edition! @Solarpopgoplay #5SecondRule
The game offers immense play value, so it’s ideal as a gift, great to keep in the car, and perfect as holiday entertainment.

Available from Takealot, Hamley’s, and Toy Kingdom. RRP: from R199.99.

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