Monday 31 October 2022

New Year Resolutions - Week 36 Achievements & Failures #TheLifesWay

Hi Friends,

Week 36 - Sat 03 Sep 2022 - Fri 09 Sep 2022

Week 36 was the start of the new month and it also marks the birthday of my daughter along with Spring Day. September also marks a lot of launch events in the tech as well as lifestyle industry. If I am invited to the same, I will attend them else I will relax and cover my kilometres and books on Kindle. 

1. Walking - I completed the 700 kilometres mark this week and this has been the best experience ever since the start of the year. I felt really great achieving the same with daily consistency or rather weekly consistency. Will I make it to 1000 kilometres - I am not so sure as the weather has changed and the heat is really taking a toll on me for sure. 

2. Audiobook - I completed the audiobook of The Making of a CEO by Sandeep Krishnan and totally loved this one. I also started listening to the Great Mental Models by Shane Parrish but found that to be too okay. I completed the same super-fast after seeing the hype the same has on Twitter. I have observed that I personally don't like blog posts converted into books whosoever may be the writer in that case. But I see the general trend of new books coming into the market is from famous blog posts or other content created by famous bloggers etc. I may also compile the list of 52 weeks and release a book on the Amazon ebooks Kindle platform for 1 Dollar or so. 

New Year Resolutions - Week 36 Achievements & Failures #TheLifesWay

3. YouTube - I convinced myself to go the Hindi route for my videos but still have not started on the same. I decided the same on 09-Sep but so far I have not posted any single video in Hindi on my channel after that date. I did post a lot of YT Shorts and took my overall videos count upwards. I still have to get a viral video. 

4. Thank You - I started from 2600 count onwards and completed 19912 Thank You this week. I am feeling a lot of pain in my fingers that came due to pressing the counter on a constant basis so I am going to stop the activity soon of counting but general Thank You chanting will go on. 

5. Entertainment - I kept on watching the weekly episodes of Adhoora Sach and The Rings of Power every Friday. I also went through the torture of watching Ek Villian Returns only to see the acting skills of Tara Sutaria as I have never watched any of her films before. The torture was such that everyone left after the initial 50 minutes and I have to complete the rest of the same alone at 1x speed as I was watching the same on my 7-year-old Samsung TV. 

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