Friday 26 March 2021

The @HuaweiZA Mate40 Pro Puts You in The Director's Chair with real-time HDR, Steady and Tracking Shot

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Smartphone videography has come a long way in the past few years, with smartphone manufacturers now bringing the best of camera hardware, solid software and even taking advantage of intelligent onboard AI. Huawei has become a pioneering force in this aspect, due to the brand’s commitment to creating all-scenario camera systems that deliver great results. This envelope is pushed further with the newly launched HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro, which brings you to the director’s chair every time you shoot a video.

Looking at the technicalities of it all, the HUAWEI Mate40 Pro boasts an Ultra Vision Cine Camera system. This setup consists of a 20MP Ultra- Wide Cine Camera, a 50MP Super Sensing Wide Camera, a Periscope Telephoto camera and a laser sensor on the rear. Meanwhile, upfront the HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro comes with an Ultra Vision Selfie Camera with a 3D Depth Sensing Camera. Let’s take a closer look at how these cameras and some of their unique innovations can help you shoot your next masterpiece.

Shoot in real-time HDR
The HUAWEI Mate40 Pro uses a powerful quad-core ISP to balance exposure and maintain consistently high-quality results, even in situations with high dynamic range. In simple terms, this means that XD Fusion HDR is enabled by default, allowing you to shoot in full HDR for some stunning video results. Now you won’t have to worry about capturing videos indoors with sunlight shining through windows or a bright shopping mall, because the HUAWEI Mate40 Pro can deliver excellent results with great details and accurate colours.

Steady Shot for stabilization
Trying to get a shot on the move? Maybe something like a morning jog or even biking down a hill, crucial moments where stabilization is key. This is where the HUAWEI Mate40 Pro’s built-in AI Image Stabilization comes in with its support for Steady Shot and algorithms that ensure shaky footage is completely minimized.

Tracking shot to keep eyes on your subject
Speaking of algorithms, the HUAWEI Mate40 Pro leverages its advanced algorithms fix on a subject with the Tracking Shot feature. This is made possible with the onboard AI which identifies the subject in the frame and maintains focus on it across different frames, ensuring that it will always be front and centre.

Story Creator Mode for that final touch
Post-process edition seem too intense of a task? Well, it’s not that easy to do, especially if you don’t have the technical understanding behind it. However, with the HUAWEI Mate40 Pro, you can use the Story Creator mode instead. This way you get six different templates to shoot with, each of them offering a custom set of shots to help you capture your videos with that cinematic touch. All you need to do is pick the right template for your scene and then watch the HUAWEI Mate40 Pro automatically select the variety of camera shots to add the extra flair to your story. After this, you can also add effects, background music, filters and watermarks with ease.
The @HuaweiZA Mate40 Pro Puts You in The Director's Chair with real-time HDR, Steady and Tracking Shot
Dual-View Video for extra creativity
With the HUAWEI Mate40 Pro, you can also use the Super Sensing Wide Camera and Ultra Vision Selfie Camera simultaneously for high-resolution, ultra-wide-angle video capture. This way you can capture a video of yourself in the frame along with your subject, which is perfect for reaction videos or documenting from multiple angles.

Ultra-Vision Selfie Camera for all your vlogging needs
In today’s world of digital content creators and vloggers, the need for a solid front camera setup has become a deciding factor while picking a smartphone. The HUAWEI Mate40 Pro caters to these users with its Ultra Vision Selfie Camera setup that allows for ultra-wide recording as well as super-slow-motion capture at 240fps. The best part? It also supports high quality 4K video capture in exquisite detail.

Audio is just as important
As all video enthusiasts know, audio is just as important as video quality, which is why the HUAWEI Mate40 Pro has taken steps to ensure no sounds are left out while recording. This is why the front camera setup comes with Audio Focus, a Huawei-developed directional sound pickup solution that minimizes interference from noise from the surroundings and captures the user’s sound with improved clarity by effectively distinguishing human voice from ambient noise. Meanwhile, the Audio Zoom feature on the rear camera system can track the audio source in real-time, amplifying it as you zoom in.

Great photography as a bonus!
The HUAWEI Mate40 Pro’s cameras with their large sensors not only allow for stunning videography, it also paves the way for some impressive photography. This means you get better and brighter shots even in low light scenarios and advanced technologies to ensure faster and sharper autofocus features in scenarios with dynamic range. In addition to this, the Ultra- Wide Cine Camera also comes with distortion correction algorithms to optimize the images further by minimizing the distortion that comes with ultra-wide shots. This makes it perfect for group shots as well as landscape photography, all at the tap of a button. Meanwhile, the Periscope Telephoto Camera supports 10x hybrid zoom and 50x digital zoom.

On the other hand, the front cameras use the wide-angle lens and high resolving power to deliver selfies in high resolution with sharp details, such as skin texture, hair strands and eyelashes. The camera can also detect if there are more people in the frame and can adjust the field of view as needed.

The HUAWEI Mate40 Pro, in short, is a stellar smartphone when it comes to videography, with each feature fine-tuned to give you the best in experience while recording. However, it’s also a lot more than that, with its Kirin 9000 5G chipset, the world’s first 5nm 5G SoC, for exceptional 5G performance and a unique design ID that can stun anyone at a glance. It also comes preinstalled with HUAWEI AppGallery, Huawei’s official app platform and the Petal Search widget that complements it as a gateway to a million more apps.

HUAWEI Mate40 Pro comes with an Ultra Vision Cine Camera system for a stellar videography experience

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