Wednesday 29 August 2018

A Memoir - This Month Last Year - Aug 2017 #TheLifesWay

Hi Friends,

It's been some days I have not written on my blog and it was like some long week of holidays where everything was put on hold. I didn't attend any events other than some Instagram Meets and posted a lot of pictures on the Instagram channel. It was an awesome feeling to take a short break from all the things and articles I was posting and to celebrate the 2 Million pageviews for The Life's Way. There is no new targets and nothing which I need to accomplish other than just loving the passion for writing and sharing my view and knowledge about the latest gadgets I come across. I am enjoying all the benefits that come to me via all my social media channels. 

1. A Memoir - This Month Last Year - Aug 2016 #TheLifesWay - - The series has been my constant guide to check all the brands which were there with me last year vis-a-vis this year. I have been seeing that most of them have been giving me nothing in return for my efforts and I am stopping posting those brands unless I get something worthy of my time. I have my family and I can enjoy my time with them or watch some TV or play some games. There is always something better to do instead of wasting time with those brands who are not trustworthy or their PR company is.

2. #DoBiggerThings with the New @SamsungMobileSA Galaxy Note8 Android Smartphone - - Note Phablet series from Samsung has been on my wishlist from the beginning since it's launch. All these years I waited and waited for some brand to give me their smartphone to use in my day to day life but nothing went as per my wishes. Finally, I went ahead and bought one when I got some coupons worth R1200 from my company for working there for more than 10 years and rest I paid via my credit card. I really love using the same but I have not used the S-Pen as much as I thought I will since my last 7 months of using the smartphone. The review will be posted soon on my channels.

A Memoir - This Month Last Year - Aug 2017 #TheLifesWay

3. @Discovery_SA @JacarandaFM #SpringWalk Promises a Fun Family Walk and Run #9Sep2017 - - I participated in the event last year as an invited guest and did 5 km and really enjoyed the same. This year I have bought the tickets to do 15kms Walk with one of my friends and looking forward to completing it and record my time as a benchmark to break the same in the next walk. Let's see how good this year's race is.

4. #Bollywood Hunks in Relationship Drama and Changing Society @SterKinekor #SouthAfrica - - Every Friday a new movie is released and some of them touches your heart and some are not to be seen at all. Bollywood is now undergoing some changes and a lot of new low-budget movies are taking the market by storm rather than big production houses mega-billion dollars projects. SterKinekor remains my choice of cinemas to watch the latest ones every Friday.

5. A Memoir - This Month Last Year - July 2016 #TheLifesWay - - July being my birthday month remains special to me and this year I turned 38 years old and soon I will be in my 40's. Let's create something which will earn me some living along the way. I will only post those articles which are written by me no matter how short or long they are. These can be only 5 in a month or 20 in a single month but every word will be mines and mines alone. Any brands want to collaborate with me has to come on board with their products or sponsored posts or goodies. Money is my utmost priority as I need to buy certain gadgets for myself and my family.


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