Saturday 7 January 2017

A Memoir - This Month Last Year - Nov 2015 #TheLifesWay

Hi Guys,

November is the time when you plan for your Summer holidays and are clear on your destinations of choice. Though you have to book as early as August/September to get good rates on accommodation and travel but you thoroughly enjoy various destination of South Africa and abroad. November 2015 for The Life's Way was not hectic as there was not much posts and no events to attend too. The best part of the year was being thought of and planning for the next year is always thought about.

1. 8 Things To Do With Your Old #Smartphone #HTCOneLifeSA #MoreYou - - We do keep changing our smartphones as we get upgraded after every two years if on contract or when we are fed up of our old smartphone. How best can we use our old smartphone was the topic of discussion in this blog post.

2. @Gammatek brings #iFrogz latest #headphones to #SouthAfrica - - I bought one iFrogz headphones from GAME store for R112 and immediately fell in love with the same for my day to day use. I think these earphones/headphones to be value for money with great sound and build quality. I have not received any review units or samples from the brand.

3. Disney Infinity 3.0 - What Is It? #DisneyAfrica #StarWars - - The game was launched in South Africa and I fell in love with the same. Star Wars was the talk of the season with their 7th part getting released after a gap of multiple years. After playing Disney Infinity 2.0, it was good time to upgrade to 3.0

Aashish Rai #TheLifesWay #PhotoYatra

4. STARTUPPER of the Year 2016 #Challenge @TotalSAfrica #SouthAfrica - It was one of the great initiatives by TOTAL South Africa to find the budding entrepreneurs and expand their ideas further to bring more and more employment to the rainbow nation and Africa. I was invited to be a part of this program when it was launched to the time when they announced the results. I could see the tears of satisfaction and achievement in the eyes of the winner with whom I was luckily talking to before the results was announced.

5. Refreshing @Countryclub_CB Retro-Classics for #Summer #SouthAfrica - - Country Club launched their summer drinks and send me a pack of 6 tins to try and taste. I simply loved all the flavors especially Rock Shandy. It was the last I heard from their PR company and the last media pack received from the PR as they expanded onto many other bloggers.


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