Saturday 7 January 2017

A Memoir - This Month Last Year - Dec 2015 #TheLifesWay

Hi Guys, 

December being the last month of every year, it's time to reflect on all the lessons learned during the year and make yourself aware about what not to do in the coming year. I really loved the feeling to make new dreams and tick off some of the stuff you always wanted to do as you enter into the new year. 

1. A Memoir - Year 2015 for #Blog #AashishRai (600 Post) - - It was a total of 219 posts in 2015 and there are so many dreams and goals which I shared with my readers in this post. I was at my best in 2015 as I now can connect the dots looking backwards. 

2. @HuaweiZA - A #Brand To Watchout For In 2016 #Smartphones - - Huawei was indeed a brand which has taken the global markets by storm. They have went even further by creating dual camera phone P9 which crossed million shipments in no time. Though I am not the brand's and their PR's favorite but I still love the brand till the time I get my own Huawei one day. 

Aashish Rai #Blogger #SocialMediaInfluencer #TheLifesWay
3. Checklist To Give Your Guests A #Knockout #Experience As An #Airbnb host - - This post is the top most blogpost on my blog in terms of pageviews and continues to find readers across the globe. Though I have never used Airbnb till now but I think 2017 for me will only be #Airbnb accommodations. 

4. I also did some photo walks last December as I continue to explore the beautiful South Africa. Here are some of the posts -
Photo Walk - Pied Kingfisher in #Pilanesburg National Park #SouthAfrica
Photo Walk - Macaw @MontecasinoZA #BirdGardens @TsogoSun #Jozi
Photo Walk - Santa Rosa @SpurRestaurant Jean Village #Centurion #SouthAfrica
Photo Walk - Radhey Shyam Mandir #Marlboro #Jozi #Indian #Temple

5. #AwakenYourForce with HP #StarWars Special Edition Notebook @Indiblogger - - This was the last Indiblogger contest I participated in 2015 and 2016 and one of my friends won this contest to win himself the Star Wars special edition notebook. It's been a while I have won any blogging contest in India but I am looking forward to do so in 2017.

Wishing you all a very great and lovely Happy New Year 2017! I hope this year will bring you closer to your dreams and you will fulfill all your goals via your commitment and dedication to your causes.


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