Sunday 12 January 2014

Indiblogger Sunsilk - Recharging my hairs and life!

Hi All,

Sunsilk has brought back the memories I had of my school and engineering college days when you want to look best and hairs was one of the thing that could make all the difference in your looks. Spending most of the time discussing with friends about your hairstyle and clothing was the best time pass other than wooing girls. I don’t think of any brand that I have missed in this pursuit to get good shiny and silky hairs flowing freely in the air as I walked and run. The whole motive was to look presentable and smart.

The best way to recharge your hairs is by giving it a good wash with Shampoo and then Conditioner. It really gives you a clean scalp and nice silky hairs. I have seen many a times when we travel and a lot of dusts enters our hairs and it starts uneasiness in the head. At those moments we only want a good hair wash rather than itching our scalp.

Recharging my hairs is my top most priority till the time I have them on my head and once moon starts shining on my head then it will be another set of problems that I will face. I want to enjoy the time that I feel whenever I touch my hairs and it really gives me a self esteem boost that still I look young because I took care.

Yes, hairs do recharge your life because you always have the liberty to change your hairstyle and look different. You can adopt NDA cadet look to the hippy look to the boy next door look or the Corporate look with silver lining on your hairs. Also you can adopt Chankaya’s look at any point of time, or whenever you visit Tirupati Balaji Temple.

A lot of my life decisions is based on my hairs when every month I visit barbar shop. They too try to sell their services and gives you various ideas as to which will suit your face cut etc. But overall I feel recharged whenever I go through the process of taking care of my hairs and Sunsilk do help me improve my hairs and keep them shining.

Thanks!!! Cheers!!!