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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Contest Alert - PNJ Legal Consultants


Welcome to PNJ Legal & IT Consultants Pvt. Ltd's new online legal practice!

PNJ Legal has taken an initiative to improve its public relations and therefore we decided to distribute free gift hampers. We need participants from states of Delhi, U.P., and Haryana & Rajasthan only.

Participant need to provide correct answers of questions as mentioned below and in order to submit an entry he needs to provide his ID, Residence proof and photograph all in a soft copy to update him in our records.  His ID, Residence proof and photograph will not be shared or provided to ant third party and it will be stored only in records of PNJ Legal Consultants LLP. Hundred correct entries by way of lucky draw will be chosen for gift hamper which will have any items in combination of calculator, table calendar, Wall Calendar, 3D Arti Sangrah and Gel Ink pen. Please send mail at or and do mention your current Residence details and current contact details separately also.
We're thrilled to announce the launch of our new interactive 'web practice' at, where we can now provide you with additional services.

PNJ Legal Consultants is committed to help its clients by providing top quality and innovative business solutions by early identification of business risks and timely remedial action so that they can manage and respond to business risks that add value and contribute to their overall business growth and to establish a single window for corporate to obtain expert consultancy towards their business needs.
Our aim is to make better use of your time and keep you up to date on matters affecting your business and family life.

We are dealing in acquisitions/merger/takeover of BSE listed companies and NBFC category A as well as Category B companies along with other valued businesses like Hotels, Hospitals, resorts, Colleges, Manufacturing coal and power plants etc. Please refer sites and

The gamut of services offered by the firm can be divided into following different heads:
ü      XBRL/ IXBRL Fillings/ XBRL Conversion/ XBRL Consultancy

ü      Financial Services/ Accounting and Audit Services

ü      Legal/Legal Compliances /Corporate Secretarial Services//Other Miscellaneous Legal Services

ü      Intellectual Property Rights

ü      Management Consultancy Services

Need your maximum participation. Please submit maximum entries in order to get assured gift hamper.

You need to answer following 5 simple questions with reference to our web site :

1.       Which of following is not part of our Accounting and Assurance services:

a.       Financial reporting

b.      Asset accounting management

c.       SAS-70 Internal controls attestation

d.      Management Audit Services

2.        Which of following is not part of our Real Estate Services:

a.         Mortgage

b.         Property Finance

c.          Management Audit Services

d.         Drafting loan documentation

3.     Which of following is not part of our Financial & Taxation Service:

a.       Advising on risk/reward ratio on VC investment

b.       Tax Planning & Consultancy

c.       Income Tax Returns, Assessment, Refunds, Appeals, PAN

d.       TDS Returns, Outsourcing of TDS Records, Returns and compliances

4.     Which of following is not part of our Audit Services

a.       Management Audit Services

b.       Mortgage

c.       Operations and Effective Audit Services

d.       Special investigative Audit Services

5.     Which of following is not part of our Corporate Services

a.       Incorporation of Company in India, Company Registration in India, New Company Registration Services

b.       Consultancy on Company Law Matters

c.       Property Finance

d.       Change of Name, objects, Registered office, etc.

As we respond to feedback from you and our other clients, we will continue to add further information and interactive services to our website.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact us at any time. We look forward to hearing from you.

PNJ Legal & IT Consultants Pvt. Ltd

Hello people, do participate to win the awesome goodies! 

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