Wednesday 30 January 2013

RIP by Mukul Deva #BookReview #TheLifesWay

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The novel starts with the last 2-3 years scenario that has developed in India. The events are still fresh inside the minds of all the people of India. The names of the people involved have been changed in the novel but the fiction and reality never change as I kept comparing the characters with the real-life individuals. The novel is fast-paced and keeps the momentum building up till the last 50-60 pages where it is on full-throttle. I was not able to put it down once I reached Chapter 12.
RIP by Mukul Deva #BookReview #TheLifesWay
At the start of the novel, I felt the story is being copied from Rang De Basanti as one of the character's relatives died due to an air force plane crashed due to faulty parts deals by the politicians. So the revenge factor was all set in the story. As the story grow more and more characters were introduced and the main buildup of characters was done sooner in the novel.
RIP by Mukul Deva #BookReview #TheLifesWay
The story revolved around four main characters and their hunt to be at the right place at the right time. It's a cop and chase story but in the Indian political background, it really resonates with what the common man feels and wants. The writer has been good to understand the viewpoint of the country and added something extra from his own end. the novel is a great time pass but not in that league where we find the Meluhan thrills and Chanakya chanting the mantras. It is a nice read but I don't think anyone wants the story to be remembered as we have seen many English and Hindi movies on this theme. Overall the novel has all the masala of Bollywood and Hollywood movies built into its central characters and storyline. The aftermaths of the attack also resonate with what the common man wants the future of this country. The writer has given words to the common man's mind and feelings. The triangular love story between the main characters develops. Plane hijacking has also been added to the story for a strong reason to go RIP. The whole personalities of Paramilitary forces are very well defined and makes you want for more action. An angle of extra-marital affairs is also introduced as one of the characters has the right kind of charm and money. The anger and rage he has inside of him is also depicted very well. The ideas to execute some of the politicians are also not new as we have seen the same in the JFK assassination but the style is definitely new. The novel is definitely a mix of all the terror attacks that happened in India just like the movie Pankaj Kapoor's Mausam which also showed many. The overall solution seems to be the best part of the story as when there is fear of death in everyone, very few people will deviate themselves from being right and righteous.

As this is my first book review at blog adda I am kind of houch pouch in terms of running around the story but I don't want to reveal the excitement as I want all readers to personally go through the book. I will be awaiting comments from the more experienced readers and bloggers.

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