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Tuesday, 19 February 2019

#TheLifesWayReviews @Xiaomi Mi Home iHealth Thermometer @TheGearbest

Hi Friends, 

Now always you come across stuff you fall in love with but with Xiaomi you will be wondering what this company is made of? Their products are innovative and make your life easy overall. I am not talking about their smartphones but the general home appliances and other gadgets they produce. 
#TheLifesWayReviews @Xiaomi Mi Home iHealth Thermometer @TheGearbest
The product I fell in love with was Mi Home iHealth Thermometer to measure your body temperature. It's as easy as just pointing the little device in front of your head and it measures the same almost instantly. If the distance between the head and the device is around 3cm and its switched ON, it will measure your body temperature. 
#TheLifesWayReviews @Xiaomi Mi Home iHealth Thermometer @TheGearbest
The best part is that children will not be afraid if you measure them this way using a non-contact infrared thermometer. With the ages-old Mercury thermometer, there is always a risk of breaking and mercury spilling on the ground etc. And also with new Digital thermometers, you need to insert the same in between their armpits or mouth which is very difficult with the kids.
#TheLifesWayReviews @Xiaomi Mi Home iHealth Thermometer @TheGearbest
With Xiaomi Mi Home iHealth Thermometer, all your worries are gone! It will measure in Celsius as per your setting and will last you longer as it runs on 2 AAA batteries. The interface is very easy to use as there is only a single button to control the device. The device comes with 2 batteries in the package for using as soon as you receive the same. Pressing the center button once will switch ON the unit and bringing it closer to your head at around 3cm away will pick up your body temperature within a second which is way too faster than many other thermometers. When I checked it against the thermometer in the hospitals, the temperature showcased by this device was 0.5-degree Celsius more in all the cases. Here it's being reproduced for your reference purposes -
#TheLifesWayReviews @Xiaomi Mi Home iHealth Thermometer @TheGearbest
To change the measurement unit: 
1) Turn off the device
2) Press and hold the only button on the device until both the C° and F° start blinking
3) Let go of the button, and press it one of two times until only the desired unit starts blinking
4) Press and hold the button once more until the unit stops blinking.
After that, the device will turn off. When you turn it on again, the selected unit will be displayed.
#TheLifesWayReviews @Xiaomi Mi Home iHealth Thermometer @TheGearbest
The other problem you will face in the package is the user manual is written in Chinese language but worry not these days all smartphones come with an onscreen translator which can help you read the manual in whatever language you want to. The price of the device is around USD 27-30 and can be easily ordered online. You can buy the same at one of the biggest online shops of GearBest and it will ship the product to you at the nominal charges across the world. I really fell in love with the choice of products they have and will continue to shop from them.
#TheLifesWayReviews @Xiaomi Mi Home iHealth Thermometer @TheGearbest
I really was wishing to fall sick so as to test the device when I received the same and was amazed at the wonderful sleek design of thermometer in the white color. Go check your temperature out! 

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