Sunday 4 February 2018

Are You Game To Be More #CyberSmart and Insured To Say You’re #CyberSure?

Hi Friends,

Cybercrime is a topic that you must have seen and heard again and again in newspapers, and on the internet and on TV. It’s a reality that we deal with each and every day, that our so-called private info may not be private anymore.

The consequences of losing your private info can be monetary or financial loss, info and data loss, mental and emotional stress, and much more. Cybercrime is a serious matter and everyone should follow guidelines to protect their online info, and also learn about cyber insurance.

Insurance for cybercrime is something we all need to consider as our lives have become more and more digital and connected online. More and more people are falling into the traps that hackers leave on social media, on shopping sites, and even via their online banking.
Are You Game To Be More #CyberSmart and Insured To Say You’re #CyberSure?
In London, I was a victim of cybercrime while using a big online buy and sell website, and the police wouldn’t open a case using only my emails as evidence. I lost R8,000… Gone!

My sister-in-law, who lives in Australia, has had her bank account hacked and her card cloned in India, to buy goods worth R10,000 in the USA. Again, no case, and no money back from the bank!

While these are both personal examples, you can imagine that it would be devastating if something similar happened to a business! Which is why, if you’re a business owner or you have IT responsibilities at the company you’re with, you need to check out cybersure. It’s cyber insurance for businesses, from King Price. Go to for more info.

King Price launched cybersure with a super cool online game… Space invaders style. And, simply by playing, you can win a share of R1 million in Bitcoin or cash! So, head on over to and give it a bash! That kind of money could change your life and secure your future!


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