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Sunday, 30 July 2017

Best Water Purifier in India @LivPureWater #TheLivpureLife #Health

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Since the beginning of times, food water and shelter has been the made needs of human and animal’s survival. Even during those times, it was more of survival of the fittest and the topic have not changed much over the years. Despite rise in medical innovations, people are more focused on individuals and family health and water play a major role in the same. Old times, the water was thought to be pure but we have seen in the history that many diseases took a lot of civilizations wiped away from the planet Earth. And during the modern times, getting the pure water to maintain a healthy lifestyle is getting difficult day by day.

A lot of latest technology went into making it possible to bring the healthy drinking water in the reach of people and many companies have flourished on this basic need. One of them is Livpure which has always strived to make every Indian healthy and ensure purity in their lives through pure water and pure air. Livpure has brought in their water purifier online to reach anyone anytime to get the best they can buy. With three range of water purifiers – Gravity, UV Purifier and RO Purifier, they suit the pockets of every individual and provide the best value for money.
Livpure Glitz UV Water Purifier
Livpure Glitz UV Water Purifier
Water is an indispensable commodity and we need it every hour for our survival. Livpure know the importance of complete purification through their cutting-edge technology. Not only Livpure serve the personal demands at normal homes but have commercial products to provide pure water at your office space too. They do have the complete range of products from economical to premier models to suit the needs of the factory or home.

Gravity Purifiers is for those regions where electricity is a problem. But with Livpure technology, you can continue to get 5-stages water purification system right as when you need it.
Livpure Touch 2000 RO Water Purifier
Livpure Touch 2000 RO Water Purifier
The second range of products belongs to the UV purifiers which means Ultra-violet rays are used for filtration of microbiological impurities to provide safe and healthy drinking water. These products churns out around 60 litres of water per hour through its 4-stage purification process and DIY cartridge replacement option.

Livpure Pep Plus RO Water Purifier
Livpure Pep Plus RO Water Purifier
Last range of products belongs to RO purifiers employs a multi-stage purification system to eliminate harmful pesticides, herbicides, arsenic, fluorides and nitrates to provide healthy drinking water that is free from all kinds of water contaminants. These water purifiers provides flow rate of 15 litres per hour by providing 7 to 8 stage purification system.

In the end the water is the most important commodity which need to be taken care by each and every individual and Livpure is the best RO water purifier in India. Keep your family safe with healthy drinking water.


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