Tuesday 6 September 2016

Making Heads Turn @HuaweiZA Red and Blue #HuaweiP9 #IFA2016

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Huawei Consumer Business Group has announced that its award-winning flagship smartphone, the Huawei P9, is now available in two new colours: Red and Blue. Inspired by the dramatic and colourful world of the Pop Art movement, these vibrant colourways also reflect the passion and glamour of the fashion world. The stunning result is a beautifully-designed phone, packed with impressive features, that is a rallying cry for artists and innovators, and is set to be a staple in your favourite fashion ensembles.

In line with the colourways that are predicted to dominate 2016/17 collection catwalks, the cutting-edge Huawei P9 in Red and Blue is a spectacular smartphone for those who aren’t just part of the crowd, but define it. A harmony of design and technology, industry leaders in the worlds of fashion, style and art can now both capture and be the trend setters of 2017. Light dances across handset thanks to polishing process and an additional glaze applied to the metal finish. The result is an exquisite variety of visual effects under different lighting conditions.
Making Heads Turn @HuaweiZA Red and Blue #HuaweiP9 #IFA2016
Glory Zhang, CMO, Huawei Consumer Business Group, described the inspiration behind the new colourways. “Red and blue are two visual extremes for artists, two kinds of characters or two opposite moods and styles. Red is the colour of passion and fire, exuding confidence and youthfulness and expressing the vitality of the fashion industry, while Blue conveys a classic elegance and poise still popular in global fashion circles today. The bold collision of red and blue is fire meeting ice: all the passion and glamour of the fashion world inspired by a clash of the elements. When combined with the intricate wave design of the nova series these colourways show confidence, style and dynamism, and gives the artists and innovators amongst us a new level of choice and style.”

The innovative dual lens 12 megapixel camera, co-engineered with iconic photography brand Leica Camera, ensures that every detail is captured. The result is a smartphone that has the capabilities to complement the vision of the world’s fashionistas and culture creators. Super-fast auto focus means no moment is lost, whilst the magic of the evening shows and after-parties can be caught in all their glory with superb low light photography functionality.

The P9 is now available in six colours: Red and Blue join the launch colours of Rose Gold, Prestige Gold, Titanium Grey and Mystic Silver. I have fallen in love with the Red coloured P9 Plus and if Universe or Huawei South Africa is listening I would love to have the same! 

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