Saturday 6 June 2015

Product Review - All-in-One Media Keyboard @MicrosoftSA

Hi Guys, 

Keyboard was an integral part of our desktop and laptop experience till the time touchscreens have taken over in Windows 8 and mobiles/tablets environment. From time to time keyboards have been given various design changes by several brands to include multiple functionality like multimedia capabilities and gaming experiences. These days Swype and other flow keyboards have taken the world by storm in the mobile and tablet environments. 
I still remember the first keyboard I saw was a big huge MS-DOS operating system machine way back in 1992. When my father bought me my first desktop, I got this amazing keyboard with volume and other multimedia controls way back in 2002. With the old technology making way for the new, I saw wireless keyboards way back in 2005 and instantly fell in love with the same. The price was at least 10 times more than a wired branded keyboard. 
Today I am writing this blogpost from the Microsoft's All-in-One Media Keyboard with my laptop long far from my hands and connected via wireless (USB) dongle. As I am writing this first post from this keyboard I am falling in love with this tech. Though I have been using a wi-fi mouse since 2011 and loved Microsoft Arc mouse also but this is an amazing keyboard as it has integrated muti-touch trackpad. The trackpad has left and right click buttons as available in any normal trackpad and mouse which makes the experience of using this keyboard much more great.
Microsoft All in One Media Keyboard runs on 2 AAA size batteries (included in the package) and have a magnetic slot to keep your usb dongle (nano-receiver) attached to the same hidden underneath along with the batteries compartment. The power on off button is on the right hand side of the keyboard if you want to preserve battery life when not in use. 
The trackpad is really sensitive and responsive with swipe, drag, zoom and click with ease. Just by tapping two fingers it gives right click menu. The pinch and spread to zoom works just fine. There are many more such features you can use if you are using Windows 8 machine. The keyboard also works with some selected Smart TVs and gaming consoles which can be checked online for compatibility. The keyboard has spill-resistant design and each key has it's own space between themselves.
The keyboard has no backlight which could have been a beneficial factor in the long run considering you want to use it on a Smart TV. The other thing I found was that I was using UK laptop which has '@" key switched with "'" and this keyboard also behaved liked my laptop keyboard which is intelligent. I also missed the home & end keys. The keyboard has all the functional keys that can be customized to Windows 8 gestures with a software upgrade available at

Overall, this Microsoft All-in-One Media Keyboard is great to buy as it gives you access to both keyboards and trackpad functionality. The price varies between R450-500 across various stores in SA. Follow them on twitter and Facebook


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