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Thursday, 27 December 2012

iPOD Nano 2006

My very first APPLE product -  iPOD nano 4GB gifted by my brother on my 26th birthday in 2006. He sent the same via FEDEX to Hyderabad. I had to pay the Octroi and other taxes to the amount of Rs. 2300/- to FEDEX. It was an awesome device delivering songs for more than 14 hours on a single charge. This made my travel from Hyderabad to Delhi in AP Express easy and entertaining. Carried the same to London in 2010 and bought a Sony iPOD Docking for the same. It was a great gift and then Apple wanted to replace the same model with a newer model in one of their schemes. I was looking for someone who could replace it and meanwhile my wife asked if she can have it in her car. She used it for a week and dropped it somewhere while coming out of the car. Felt really angry and sad. Really miss my iPOD. RIP and hope that someone who has found the device must be making merry. Thanks

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