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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Shave or Crave - Gillette 4 me

Shave or Crave - Gillette 4 me

Shaving is always a work that needs to be done daily or may be after a day or two based on the growth of your beard and its type. I have always been very lazy to shave and thought that it hampers my skin and face softness. I have been using Gillette Sensor Excel since I first shaved way back in 1996. I still remember that I bought my first Gillette products from Gaffar market, Delhi with a Gillette Foam (Lime version) & Sensor Excel razor.

Fast forward to the time when Gillette Mach3 was launched and I wanted it so much in 2002. My brother bought one from me in 2003 as a gift and ever since I started using Mach 3 till the time I saw Fusion firstly in London in 2010. Bought the razor along with Fusion Gel immediately but just kept using Mach 3.

After coming back to India, I went to ambience mall and a promotional campaign gave me a chance to shave with Fusion5 in some Soldier campaign. They gifted my used razor to me and I have been using the same throughout 2011. I started gifting my purchased Fusions from London to my relatives including my dad, father-in-law, brother and cousin brothers. They all were very happy but demanded more replacements of the blades. Fusion 5 is a great razor and normally can be used for more than six months. That's the history of my association with Gillette and now coming back on craving or shaving.

I strongly support shaving as it projects a great image and builds your self-esteem if you look good. I have always felt this way whenever I have shaved. Sometimes in winters, people tend to fall into the trap of laziness, but once you see the benefits of shaving and your image, you immediately wants to shave. A person is what he projects of himself atleast for the first impression.

Make men crave if he doesn't shave is a witty idea and it reminds me of a country where to pass a resolutions, all law-makers wives stopped mating with them and the result was that the law was passed within less than a month. I hope that this marketing campaign can bring more and more benefits to society and Gillette as a whole. Don't forget to use Gillette Splash after shaving guys!

Hoping that you like my ideas and history with Gillette products. It's my first full featured writing. Thanks a lot!

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