Saturday 25 May 2024

Stationery Review 65: Pelikan 4001 Fountain Pen Ink Violet 30ml (ZAR 145/USD 8)

Hi Friends, 

I bought the Pelikan 4001 Fountain Pen Ink from Takealot Online Store where it was listed for ZAR 145 for 30ml bottle in various colours. I purchased Violet coloured ink from them and this is the same review. 
Stationery Review 65: Pelikan 4001 Fountain Pen Ink Violet 30ml (ZAR 145/USD 8)

After doing the ink swab of this Violet ink, the Karkos Violet is more like a blue ink and this is the most saturated among all the Pelikan 4001 inks. A YouTube viewer even told me that Karkos ink is not violet but at that time I didn't realise it. Thanks to him or her for the comment. 

Pelikan 4001 Inks are made in Germany and this comes in two bottle sizes. We got the 30ml glass bottle which is priced at ZAR 145 on the Takealot website whereas On Applebee Applebee pens and WriteGear WriteGear online stores, it's priced at ZAR 123 only. Also if you go to the Pelikan Pelikan South Africa page some of the inks are priced starting from ZAR 109 onwards. 

Then the whole question comes to the courier charges if you only buy 1 ink, then the overall cost will increase further. So always take into account the minimum purchase amount so that you can get free delivery. 

I am just waiting for some ink pens to get finished and then I can wash them and refill them with this ink. Then I will use this ink in my daily journalling and other daily writings on paper. If any brand wants to send me their products they can contact me via email

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