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Hi Friends, 

The Life's Way completed 6 Years of it's existence on 27th December 2018 and it was an opportunity to rewrite everything with a renewed hope and love! Thanks to all the brands and PR companies for supporting me throughout these 6 years and many thanks to my family and friends for appreciating my work and accommodating me in your lives. 

I have thought of starting the Youtube channel and start posting the video's on the same asap. Any companies or brands wants to send me their products for unboxing or review can contact me directly. I am not affiliated with any magazine or channels other than mines. I am an independent and highly professional blogger and love my day to day job too. 

2019 will be the year of learning and monetizing my various social media channels and I will work towards them with full force and enthusiasm. Whatever has happened in previous years is history and I am only going to live in the present and work towards my future. The goal is to buy myself an APPLE Macbook Pro to carry my blog wherever I want and wherever I am, I can do my video's and blogs. 

Life is all about myself and what I love and that's what is The Life's Way represents too! Why will I bother to promote stuff I don't like or love myself? 

If interested contact me by sending an email to or 

If you have my mobile number then directly send an whatsapp message or DM on twitter or Instagram to get in touch! 

Thanks and Looking forward to all the messages and emails in 2019!

Aashish Rai Jain

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