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Monday, 27 July 2020

Claudia Van Schalkwyk Launches Virtual Wellness Programmes in the Thick of Covid-19

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Transformation and Wellness Coach, Claudia Van Schalkwyk from Kuils River, Cape Town, has been steady in her commitment to transforming the lives of those who’ve had to overcome mental and physical wellness hurdles. 

“My wellness journey started in 2015 when my sister Leonie was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma cancer. The fear of the diagnosis forced me to do research and that’s when I discovered the ‘living mucus-free’ lifestyle.” 

Just a few weeks after Van Schalkwyk’s sister lost the fight against cancer, she realised that the past is something that’s immutable, “I will never be able to bring her back,” says Van Schalkwyk. 

However, the grief transpired into something positive for her and many others. Van Schalkwyk channeled that energy and now uses it to transform the lives of many people through an array of holistic wellness programmes, with the UBA 60 DAY Wellness Challenge launching on 1 August 2020. 
Claudia Van Schalkwyk Launches Virtual Wellness Programmes in the Thick of Covid-19
The programmes, inspired by the love she has for her sister who succumbed to cancer, have been carefully designed to focus on the lymphatic and digestive systems of participants, as well as on their personalities and body types. This is then paired with a mucusless eating plan suggestion, which is said to be the most powerful, natural healing sustenance. 

This will be the first time that Van Schalkwyk has chosen to merge her wellness programmes with virtual technology. Coronavirus and the sudden necessity for social distancing have led to drastic changes in the lives of many, thus with the virtual way of conducting the programmes, the health and safety risks are removed while engaging with participants. 

Fears about Covid-19 can take an emotional toll on people, especially for those who are already living with anxiety. Van Schalkwyk says her holistic approach to coaching the participants, helps them to handle life’s stressors much better. 
Claudia Van Schalkwyk Launches Virtual Wellness Programmes in the Thick of Covid-19
“The fear of the unknown and the state of the economy; people go into depression and experience anxiety. The programme helps people become resilient, which in turn gives them clarity of the mind,” affirms Van Schalkwyk. 

The mother of two is also the CEO of Urban Beauty Academy and a social warrior in her own right. Through her wellness programmes, she has managed to develop an innovative way to raise funds and provide bursaries for young girls who have dreams of becoming beauticians. 

“We raise funds through this platform that will enable other children who can’t afford to study beauty like I was, it yields from my own life experience, and that is why it’s such a brilliant opportunity for young children to study beauty at Urban Beauty Academy,” says Van Schalkwyk. 

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