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Thursday, 30 April 2020

Celebrate Mom: The Essential Worker All Year Round @NetFlorist #MothersDay

Hi Friends, 

Not everyone is an essential worker, but Mom definitely is! Mother’s Day falls 10 days post the nationwide level 5 lockdown (Sunday, 10 May, 2020) and after a time that has been taxing on the mind, body and emotions for many. Parenting stories shared on social media during this period of the global pandemic revealed how stretching April has been. Moms have had to work from home, home school the kids, manage the household as well as provide emotional support for the family demonstrating their heroic traits, once again. This Mother’s Day let mom know how much she’s appreciated and loved with a special gift from NetFlorist
Celebrate Mom: The Essential Worker All Year Round @NetFlorist #MothersDay
“Chances are, that 80% of moms are going through the same emotions right now. They are exhausted, they’ve shouted and cursed at the kids, husband, and maybe even the dogs, and they’ve neglected themselves.Young moms have never been tested the way they have over this last month, they have sacrificed, cleaned the house more than enough, cooked 100 meals per day, worked like never before, cried and they possibly miss their own mothers too. 

“ Your mom spent a whole 9 months locked down while she carried you and she fattened her curves too, so this Mother’s Day, make sure this special human knows how much you appreciate and love them and if mom is social distancing then let her know you miss her, miss her food and warm embrace. ”, said Thalissa Pillay, NetFlorist Marketing Manager. 

Celebrate Mother’s Day this year, it is an opportunity to show gratitude to mothers (not only biological) for being present, supportive, strong for the whole family and for soldiering on no matter what.

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