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Monday, 2 March 2020

Gripping New Releases Coming @SterKinekor #March2020 #DoMoviesRight

Hi Friends,

Got a craving for action, adventure or horror? Ster-Kinekor’s March line-up has the adrenaline-soaked adventures you’re looking for – and the best ways to watch them. With many of these new releases coming out in 3D, IMAX or D-Box, you can upgrade your experience to full throttle: Try out the immersive magic of IMAX and experience the action as if you were living it, or opt for D-Box and let the film move you – literally and figuratively!

So if heart-pounding, pulse-racing excitement is what you’re after, check out these trailers and head to Ster-Kinekor for the ultimate movie experience.

Vin Diesel stars as Ray Garrison, a slain soldier who is re-animated using nanotechnology that makes him virtually indestructible. As memories of his wife’s murder resurface, he breaks out of the military facility that is holding him and goes in search of revenge. The first installment from the Valiant Comics universe, Bloodshot releases on 13 March in 2D, IMAX and D-Box. Watch the trailer here.
Gripping New Releases Coming @SterKinekor This #March2020 #DoMoviesRight
Run Time: TBC
Age Restriction: TBC

The Gentlemen
When American expat Mickey Pearson decides to sell off his UK-based cannabis empire, it triggers chaos throughout the criminal underworld, entangling a host of blackmailers, schemers, and other shady characters. Classic Guy Ritchie action-comedy starring Hugh Grant, Matthew McConaughey, Michelle Dockery, Charlie Hunnam, Colin Farrell and Jeremy Strong, The Gentleman releases on 06 March in 2D. Watch the trailer here.

Run Time: 1h53m
Age Restriction: 18DLSV

When northern invaders threaten China, the Imperial army calls on all-male warriors to serve. Concerned that her ailing father will not survive the war, Mulan disguises herself and leaves to fight in place of him. A live-action reimagining of the Disney classic, Mulan releases on 27 March in 2D, 3D, IMAX and D-Box – watch the trailer here.
Gripping New Releases Coming @SterKinekor This #March2020 #DoMoviesRight
Run Time: TBC
Age Restriction: TBC

A Quiet Place 2
The Abbott family continue their fight for survival in a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by aliens who hunt by sound. Forced by events to venture into the unknown, they discover that the deadly aliens are not the only threat that the outside world contains. Starring Emily Blunt, A Quiet Place 2 releases on 20 March in 2D, IMAX and D-Box – watch the trailer here.

Run Time: TBC
Age Restriction: TBC

The Invisible Man 
When Cecilia leaves her abusive partner, he takes his own life and leaves her a fortune. However, a series of strange events lead her to suspect that his death was a hoax and she – and others – are in danger. But how do you prove that someone invisible is hunting you? Starring Elisabeth Moss, The Invisible Man is now showing in 2d and IMAX– watch the trailer here.
Gripping New Releases Coming @SterKinekor This #March2020 #DoMoviesRight
Run Time: 1h50m 
Age Restriction: TBC

To book tickets, visit or the Ster-Kinekor app. Follow us on Twitter at @sterkinekor and on Facebook at Ster-Kinekor. To secure your tickets, contact Ticketline on 0861 Movies (668 437). Ster-Kinekor Club and Discovery members receive discounts among other benefits.

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