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Tuesday, 10 March 2020

Antiperspirant Hacks Everyone Should Know @Shield_ZA #MoveWithShield

Hi Friends, 

Sweat, such a nuisance, right? But if you’re human, sweat and odour is a natural part of everyday life and is an essential process that cleanses our body of bacteria. Antiperspirant is still the leading treatment to combat sweat and odour and with Shield’s MotionSenseTM Technology, unique microcapsules are activated by movement, so the more you move, the more it works.

Because sweat is here to stay, Shield has put together six hacks on how to get the most out of your antiperspirant:

1. Apply after you have showered
Only apply antiperspirant after taking a shower once your skin is completely dry. Let it dry for approximately 20 minutes. This gives the product direct contact with your skin without diluting any of the ingredients, making it even more effective.

2. Do not apply on broken/irritated skin
Broken or irritated skin is highly sensitive so never apply antiperspirant to broken skin. Always wait until the skin is healed before applying the regular use of your antiperspirant.

3. Do not apply immediately after shaving
After shaving the skin can be exposed to cuts and abrasions which heighten the sensitivity of the skin and increases the chance of dark marks. To reduce the risk of this, shave in the evening and allow your skin to dry fully and recover overnight before you apply antiperspirant in the morning.
Antiperspirant Hacks Everyone Should Know @Shield_ZA #MoveWithShield
4. Choose the right antiperspirant for your need/s
Depending on your lifestyle, you will have different antiperspirant needs. With this in mind, antiperspirant brands tend to provide a variety of products where each product is tailored to meet a specific need. E.g. Shield 48-hour Germ defense for the gym fanatic or Shield Even Tone for the reduction of dark underarm marks. 

5. Allow antiperspirant to dry completely
Make sure that your antiperspirant is completely dry before getting dressed. Allowing it to dry also reduces the risk of having the product wiped away by the clothing - by doing this the product can settle well and give the best possible results.

6. Follow product instructions/guidelines
Before using an antiperspirant, it is very important to take a few minutes to read the product instructions in order to understand how to use it correctly and effectively. For example, when using an aerosol ensure that the can is held 15 centimeters from your underarm. This will prevent you from hurting your skin and product buildup.

Step out in confidence and own the day knowing that you are getting the most out of your antiperspirant.

The Shield range includes a full spectrum of aerosols and roll-ons tailored to meet the various needs and preferences of male and female consumers. The range is available at all major retailers:

• Shield Even Tone roll-on (RSP R18,99)
• Shield Even Tone aerosol (RSP R24,99)

For more information about Shield Even Tone and other product ranges, visit join the conversation on social media, follow Shield on Instagram (@Shieldza), Facebook (@ShieldZA) and Twitter (@Shield_ZA).

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