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Thursday, 27 February 2020

#DisneyChannel MARCH 2020 Showcase @DisneyChannel #DisneyAfrica

Hi Friends, 

Series re-launch 
Daily from Monday 2nd to Sunday 22nd March 

Iconic series Wizards of Waverly Place returns to Disney Channel in March, as the show is re-launched with six episodes every weekday from Monday 2nd to 22nd March. 

Episodes of Wizards of Waverly Place air daily in two blocks of three back-to-back shows, from 06:55 to 09:00 and 14:50 to 15:40. They offer a whole new generation of viewers a chance to see this great series, and an opportunity for fans of current superstar Selena Gomez to see some of her early work. 

Alex Russo and her brothers are typical New York teenagers except for one thing: they come from a family of wizards! Their father gave up his powers when he married their mortal mother. The youngsters have magical powers, but must soon learn to use them or lose them. Making magic adds another dimension to the normal teenage trials and tribulations with often comic results. In the first episode, You Can't Always Get What You Carpet, (Monday 2nd March at 06:55) when Alex finds her parents' old magic carpet, she persuades her father to give her flying lessons. They take a trip over Manhattan on the carpet. 

Episodes of Wizards of Waverly Place air every day from Monday 2nd to 22nd March, from 06:55 to 09:00 and 14:00 to 16:10. There are also catch-up stacks at weekends from 06:55 to 09:00 and 14:50 to 15:40. 
#DisneyChannel MARCH 2020 Showcase @DisneyChannel #SouthAfrica #DisneyAfrica

Programming event 
All-day from 23rd to 30th March 

The school holidays are here, and Disney Channel is the perfect destination for young viewers during the 

break. We dedicate the week from Monday 23rd until Monday 30th March to double episodes of viewers’ favorite shows all day, with a top film at 13:30. 

The fun starts at every day 06:00 with two back-to-back episodes of Jessie and continues with double episodes of many popular shows including Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir, Raven’s Home, Penny on M.A.R.S and Amphibia. 

In addition to all these great shows, we are airing one of our hit movies every day at 13:30. These include Twitches (Monday 23rd March), Twitches Too (Tuesday 24th March) and Zombies (Monday 30th March). 

Disney Channel provides the perfect school holiday entertainment this March, with double helpings of top shows all day from Monday 23rd until Monday 30th March, and a movie every day at 13:30. 

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