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Wednesday, 30 October 2019

The @NetFlorist #GrandPavilionofFlowers @TheMallOfAfrica #InternationalFlowerShow #Johannesburg

Hi Friends, 

NetFlorist has partnered with the Johannesburg International Flower Show, hosted at Waterfall City from 30th October to 3rd November 2019. The event will bring together local and international guests, florists, producers and prominent members of the gardening and horticulture industry. It is the first flower show of its magnitude and promises to mesmerize, inspire and transport attendees through a tesseract of floral splendor all the way to the NetFlorist Grand Pavilion of Flowers.
The @NetFlorist #GrandPavilionofFlowers #Johannesburg #InternationalFlowerShow @TheMallOfAfrica
The brilliance of the exhibitions will surely bring joy to Jozi and the best part is that it caters to everyone – from floral design experts and students to event planners and the whole family. 
The @NetFlorist #GrandPavilionofFlowers #Johannesburg #InternationalFlowerShow @TheMallOfAfrica
The show will boast ikebana and various gorgeous floral displays, intricate flower walls, and chandeliers, fantasy gardens as well as a fun-filled children’s area for children of all ages.
The @NetFlorist #GrandPavilionofFlowers #Johannesburg #InternationalFlowerShow @TheMallOfAfrica
Flowers are the testimony that the world we live in was designed for our pleasure. By observing charming floral designs, we can learn to be colorful in stillness. Join the 5-day event of exquisite arrangements, magnificent designs, imperial landscape as well as interactive talks and demos by Jill Manson, Sharon McGukin, Leon Kluge Pascal Garbe and Mabel Maposa .
The @NetFlorist #GrandPavilionofFlowers #Johannesburg #InternationalFlowerShow @TheMallOfAfrica
Anyone looking for a unique outdoor experience will have a marvelous time at the Johannesburg International Flower Show.
The @NetFlorist #GrandPavilionofFlowers #Johannesburg #InternationalFlowerShow @TheMallOfAfrica
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