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Thursday, 5 September 2019

@ComicConAfrica @KFCSA Announce 2019-2020 Partnership #ComicConAfrica #ReedExpoAfrica #Reedpop

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Comic Con Africa is less than four weeks away and the anticipation is growing as Reed Exhibitions Africa and ReedPOP announce that Comic Con Africa is partnering with KFC for the next two years. 

“Comic Con Africa is delighted to be partnering with KFC, a brand that is entrenched in our South African experience and synonymous with good times shared with friends. Comic Con Africa is about bringing people together over mutual passions, making KFC the perfect fit” says Carol Weaving, Managing Director at Reed Exhibitions Africa. 
@ComicConAfrica @KFCSA Announce 2019-2020 Partnership #ComicConAfrica #ReedExpoAfrica #Reedpop
As visitors, exhibitors, gamers, cosplayers, and other fans prepare for Comic Con Africa 2019, these two brands with international pedigree are investing in pop-culture communities like never before. Serving over 20 million customers each month, KFC is excited to be a part of for an unforgettable four-day line-up where over 60,000 guests are expected to share the Comic Con Africa experience.

“As an iconic brand, KFC has been a massive part of South African culture for decades and when you look at its growth, Comic Con Africa is also proving to be just as iconic – making this the perfect partnership.
@ComicConAfrica @KFCSA Announce 2019-2020 Partnership #ComicConAfrica #ReedExpoAfrica #Reedpop
“Our involvement in Comic Con Africa allows KFC to continue to plug into popular culture in South Africa and engage and expose our exciting finger lickin’ good core and innovative food and beverage offerings to disparate audiences. As a leading global quick-service restaurant, we are keenly aware of the increasing impact of technological advancements in QSR, and the way that technology developments intersect with our world as they do with the gaming world. As an example of moving with an increasingly digital world that gamers live in, we have launched the KFC South Africa app to fulfill the promise of convenience to customers who with a click can have their food delivered straight to their gaming couch or beat the queue by pre-ordering to collect in-store. The coming together of two cult brands like KFC and Comic Con Africa is a perfect match to finger-clicking goodness of today’s culturally and digitally plugged customer” says Suhayl Limbada, Marketing Director KFC South Africa.
@ComicConAfrica @KFCSA Announce 2019-2020 Partnership #ComicConAfrica #ReedExpoAfrica #Reedpop
Comic Con Africa will be held from 21 - 24 September 2019, at Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand. Comic Con Africa is a multigenre entertainment and comic convention that features comic books, games, arts, movies, pop culture elements and so much more. 

For more information about Comic Con Africa 2019, please visit:
@ComicConAfrica @KFCSA Announce 2019-2020 Partnership #ComicConAfrica #ReedExpoAfrica #Reedpop
About KFC 
KFC, a subsidiary of Yum! Brands, Inc. (NYSE: YUM.), is a global chicken restaurant brand with a rich, decades-long history of success and innovation. It all started with one cook, Colonel Harland Sanders, who created a finger lickin’ good recipe more than 75 years ago, a list of secret herbs and spices scratched out on the back of the door to his kitchen. Today we still follow his formula for success, with real cooks breading and freshly preparing our delicious chicken by hand in more than 22,000 restaurants in over 135 countries and territories around the world. For more information, visit
@ComicConAfrica @KFCSA Announce 2019-2020 Partnership #ComicConAfrica #ReedExpoAfrica #Reedpop
About KFC South Africa 
KFC has been in South Africa for over 45 years and has around 914 restaurants across the country. The first KFC restaurant to open in South Africa was in 1971 in Orange Grove, Johannesburg. KFC is the leading Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) brand in South Africa, with just under a third of the market share, according to Brand Image Tracker. KFC serves more than 20 million customers a month, and we work hard to ensure that no matter which of our 914 restaurants they walk into, they will get that distinctive KFC flavour and have a great experience. KFC’s Original Recipe® Chicken was first made by Colonel Harland Sanders in 1940 when he perfected his secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices at his restaurant in Kentucky. Today, KFC is the world's most popular chicken restaurant, still preparing our chicken with the Colonel’s secret recipe to his exacting standards. Every KFC restaurant follows the same global processes and procedures to make sure that our customers get great tasting food, every time. KFC sources all chicken locally, from the same suppliers that supply South Africa’s favourite premium retailers.
@ComicConAfrica @KFCSA Announce 2019-2020 Partnership #ComicConAfrica #ReedExpoAfrica #Reedpop
About KFC Africa 
The KFC Africa business operates through a company called KFC (Pty) Ltd, across South Africa and Africa. KFC has successfully opened over 180 restaurants in 17 countries outside of South Africa, and in new African markets. Our restaurant managers and team members across Africa have been trained to KFC international standards and have followed the same international training curriculum, which has brought us success in over 136 countries worldwide.

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