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Thursday, 8 August 2019

@NicholasGoliath Debuts First One-Man Show #TheOtherGoliath 5-8 Sep 2019 #Melville

Hi Guys, 

GOLIATH AND GOLIATH is excited to announce, The Other Goliath, the first one-man stand-up comedy show by Nicholas Goliath. The show will debut on Thursday, 5 September and run until Sunday, 8 September, at the Melville Comedy Club at 8pm. 

The Other Goliath takes you on a journey through Nicholas’ life, looking at his career, marriage and the strange, and at times memorable things that have happened to him, in the most hilarious way. As he recently celebrated eight years in comedy and will be performing the show on his birthday, an occasion not to be missed. 
@NicholasGoliath Debuts First One-Man Show #TheOtherGoliath 5-8 Sep 2019 #Melville
“To be honest, I just feel like I am finally ready to do an hour of my own and believe that I am in the right performance space. I also turn 35 this year and it just feels right,” says Nicholas. 

Like any other industry, there are ways in which growth and development are measured. In comedy, a one-man show and the success thereof serves as an indicator. “I think a one-man show is a great way to measure the quality of one's performance and material. It also creates the opportunity for you to record your material and see how many people would actually come out to see you, only... I'm so nervous all of a sudden,” affirms Nicholas. 

Sometimes referred to as ‘the big one’ the ‘light one’ and ‘the other one’, the Goliath trio have often laughed when they are mistaken for one another in public. This soon became an inside joke between them and inspired the title for the show as Nicholas is affectionately and humorously called ‘The Other Goliath’. 
@NicholasGoliath Debuts First One-Man Show #TheOtherGoliath 5-8 Sep 2019 #Melville
The Other Goliath is going to be a night of learning about how Nicholas’ kids came into the world, as well as a few surprises that might include some tongue-in-cheek and dad jokes. 

Get your tickets to a night of laughter and hilariously relatable stories TODAY. Tickets to The Other Goliath now are available for purchase on the GOLIATH AND GOLIATH website [ ] for only R100 and R120 at the door. 

Tickets available: 
Venue: Melville Comedy Club, Corner 1st 7th Street, Melville, 2109 
Date: Thursday 5 September to Sunday 8 September 2019 
Time: 8pm

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