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Wednesday, 12 June 2019

One Night Stands Comedy Festival 30 July-10 Aug 2019 #Comedy @Theatre_Square @Computicket

Hi Friends, 

Everyone has had a one night stand, and let’s face it, most of them have not been worth noting! Comedy giants Goliath and Goliath in collaboration with comedian and producer Siv Ngesi, bring you the first One Night Stands Comedy Festival. 10 nights of comedy that don’t involve the walk of shame!

The One Night Stands Comedy Festival will take place from the 30 July – 10 August 2019 at the Theatre on the Square in Sandton. The entire line-up consists of some of South Africa’s best comedians such as Robby Collins, Carvin Goldstone, Noko Moswete, Jason, Nicholas and Donovan Goliath, Lihle Msimang, Tsitsi Chiumya, and Tats Nkonzo to name a few. They are all ready to bring their A-game and plan to entertain audiences with their most recent and best-performing shows. No strings attached here ladies and gentlemen, all you need to do is sit, relax and laugh your pants off.

“I am very excited to finally get the honor to work with the award-winning powerhouse, that is Goliath and Goliath! This platform will showcase some of the country’s best comedy talent! Domination is inevitable” says Ngesi.

It’s about time you brag about one night stands worth remembering by taking advantage of all the latest one-man shows and comedy specials taking place under one roof. 

The lineup for the One Night Stands festival consist of: 
One Night Stands Comedy Festival 30 July-10 Aug 2019 #Comedy @Theatre_Square @Computicket
30 July - Goliath and Goliath
GOLIATH AND GOLIATH LIVE is a high-energy comedy show, from beginning to end. Brace yourself for versatile content and performances from three of South Africa’s most observational storytellers. Simple, direct, honest and fun… if you enjoy basic truths, this is the show to come and check out!
One Night Stands Comedy Festival 30 July-10 Aug 2019 #Comedy @Theatre_Square @Computicket
31 July - Tats Nkonzo
New Nights is a show with an unconventional format where 'SA's Got Talent' host, Tats Nkonzo will be performing with, and interviewed by musicians during the show. Described as an intimate and unpredictable night of magic, Tats will be bringing new and highly anticipated material to the stage.
One Night Stands Comedy Festival 30 July-10 Aug 2019 #Comedy @Theatre_Square @Computicket
1 August - Robby Collins
Robby Collins’ latest show, which is part of his new national tour 'Iyeza Comedy Tour', is an honest piece of comedy performed by a comic of age. Get ready for an evening of funny, that is truthful and full of soul.
One Night Stands Comedy Festival 30 July-10 Aug 2019 #Comedy @Theatre_Square @Computicket
2 August - Tsitsi Chiumya
Award-winning South African comedian Tsitsi Chiumya gets personal about the awkward life of a young person in his debut one man stand up comedy special So Naive. The show follows a personal journey which hilariously highlights that his expectations of the world are "So Naive". It is not to be missed. 
One Night Stands Comedy Festival 30 July-10 Aug 2019 #Comedy @Theatre_Square @Computicket
3 August - Carvin Goldstone
Multi award-winning journalist and comedian Carvin H Goldstone presents funny stories from his travels around the world. Get ready for an international flavor served with the familiarity of the home as Carvin performs in his unique Durban style of delivery. 
One Night Stands Comedy Festival 30 July-10 Aug 2019 #Comedy @Theatre_Square @Computicket
6 August - Mo Mothebe 
The Chocolate Chronicles is the debut hour-long, one-man comedy special from South African comedian Tshireletso “MO” Mothebe. The show will showcase Mothebe’s sharp humor, delightful wordplay, and deceptive good looks. The chronicles will be the unmissable story of the black middle-class experience through the eyes of one of South Africa’s born free youths.
One Night Stands Comedy Festival 30 July-10 Aug 2019 #Comedy @Theatre_Square @Computicket
7 August - Mark Banks
Mark Banks has come out of hibernation to bring you his new one-man stand-up show - Mark Banks On Ice! Mark will amaze you with jokes while jetting across the stage, showcasing moves that don’t even have a name in French. Russian All-Star Mints might make a guest appearance, so get ready for a lot of hilarious surprises. 
One Night Stands Comedy Festival 30 July-10 Aug 2019 #Comedy @Theatre_Square @Computicket
8 August - Dalin Oliver
The teacher turned comedian and radio jock, Dalin Oliver, is back with his third one-man stand-up comedy show, ADULTING. He’s one of the rising stars of the South African comedy scene and will be taking you through the challenges and confusion about how to survive in the “big world” because Adulting is soooooo hard people! So, take the time and learn from his life hacks and stories. 
One Night Stands Comedy Festival 30 July-10 Aug 2019 #Comedy @Theatre_Square @Computicket
9 August - Noko Moswete
One Night With The Queen is a collection of jokes from the time Noko Moswete started her comedy to date. It is a collection of thought-provoking and funny stories part of Noko Moswetes comedy special. Get more than you bargained for as Noko will also show her musical side as she shares the stage with her band.
One Night Stands Comedy Festival 30 July-10 Aug 2019 #Comedy @Theatre_Square @Computicket
10 August - Lihle Msimang
Having been raised in Soweto, yet attending suburban schools, Lihle has had her fair share of horrible nicknames. In her debut one-woman show, Ma-temtem, Lihle Msimang celebrates where she grew up, the colorful people in the area, and what it’s like rocking the terrible nickname Ma-temtem.

Tickets are R150 per person. To make your booking visit

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